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Associate Life

Associate life at Boies, Schiller & Flexner is distinguished by opportunity, training, and breadth of experience.

Associates have a greater opportunity to take early responsibility for significant matters because matters are staffed efficiently within the firm. Our associates argue hearings or take and defend depositions against opposing counsel, who are often senior partners at distinguished firms.

Associates make a positive contribution from the day they arrive. New associates work closely with seasoned lawyers, assisting them in preparing and making presentations to our clients, taking depositions, drafting critical legal briefs, and presenting arguments in court. Through this work our associates become complete lawyers who know how to handle all aspects of a case with the highest degree of professionalism and creativity.

Beyond hands-on training, we have developed a comprehensive training program to prepare our lawyers for the level of work found at this firm. One feature of the program is the personal involvement of David Boies who conducts training seminars for all lawyers, sharing the experiences and the insights he has gained throughout a remarkable career.

We also choose a mentor for each junior associate who actively helps the associate develop his or her skills, provides advice about career development and is always available to answer their questions on any topic.

Associates develop broad experience, in part because we do not have rigidly-defined practice areas. We try to keep the opportunity to work on matters within the litigation or corporate groups as fluid as possible and do not require that associates specialize in any narrow discipline. To the contrary, our partners handle cases and deals in a wide variety of areas and we want our associates to have the same wide exposure to as many different areas of practice as possible. We believe that makes for a firm of more creative and effective lawyers when compared to a traditional system of practice rotations and assignments.

Different offices work together smoothly as one integrated firm and associates are encouraged to work with partners throughout the country, not merely those in their resident office. We strive to maintain our small firm culture even as the firm grows. We want our associates to know personally the people around the country whose extraordinary talents define and differentiate this firm.