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Edward Evans
Director of Communications

575 Lexington Avenue, 7th Floor
New York, NY 10022
212 446 2354
11.09.2016 William Isaacson to speak at Conference on Private Antitrust Enforcement (CLE Events)
11.02.2016 Sotheby’s Institute of Art Speaker Series presents: To Catch a Thief? The Future of Fair Use and Appropriation Art (Speaking Engagements)
09.27.2016 Panelist, New York City Bar Association, “E-Discovery 2016: Best Practices and Ethical Implications” (CLE Events)
06.20.2016 Wendy Miles to Deliver 2016 Proskauer Lecture on International Arbitration (Speaking Engagements)
03.04.2016 Panelist, Fordham Law Entertainment Law Symposium, “Cable Consolidation: Antitrust and the FCC (Speaking Engagements)
01.28.2016 Florida Supreme Court Historical Society 2016 Annual Dinner (Speaking Engagements)
01.01.2016 Technology and the Law, Columbia School of Professional Studies, Instructor (Speaking Engagements)
12.14.2015 Harlan Levy Speaks on AG Investigations and Prosecutions (CLE Events)
12.07.2015 Wendy Miles to Present at International Arbitration Event on Climate Change (Speaking Engagements)
12.01.2015 American Bar Association White Collar Committee, Attorney General Investigations and Enforcement (Speaking Engagements)
12.01.2015 Presentation, UK Corporate Governance, English Law Week, Moscow (Speaking Engagements)
12.01.2015 New York State Bar Association, Key Issues in White Collar Criminal Defense (Speaking Engagements)
12.01.2015 New York Council of Defense Lawyers, Attorney General Investigations and Prosecutions (Speaking Engagements)
11.23.2015 Partner Luke Nikas to Speak on Art Law Panel (Speaking Engagements)
11.23.2015 Partner Luke Nikas Speaks on Art Law Panel (CLE Events)
11.19.2015 Hedge and Private Fund Enforcement & Regulatory Developments 2015 (CLE Events)
11.11.2015 Jonathan Sherman Addresses European Conference on Courts and Communication (Speaking Engagements)
10.22.2015 David Boies to Talk on Litigation and Social Change (Speaking Engagements)
10.15.2015 Jonathan Sherman to Lecture at European Conference on Courts and Communication (Speaking Engagements)
09.10.2015 Benchmark Litigation Women in Litigation Forum - New York (Speaking Engagements)
08.22.2015 Conference of Western Attorneys General, and National Association of Attorneys General, Prescription Pharmaceutical Monitoring and Opioid Abuse (2016) (Speaking Engagements)
06.03.2015 Stephen N. Zack to Speak at DirectWomen Board Institute (Speaking Engagements)
04.01.2015 Panel, Bar Council International Arbitration Seminar, Kazakhstan (Speaking Engagements)
02.03.2015 Josh Schiller takes part in panel on fair use (CLE Events)
01.22.2015 Lisa Barclay to participate in panel on healthcare policy (Speaking Engagements)
01.01.2015 George Washington University Law School (Speaking Engagements)
01.01.2015 Crisis Management and Internal Investigations, Columbia Law School, Guest Lecturer (Speaking Engagements)
01.01.2015 E-Discovery 2015: Best Practices and Ethical Implications, New York City Bar Association, Panelist (Speaking Engagements)
01.01.2015 University of Pennsylvania Law School (Speaking Engagements)
12.01.2014 New York City Bar Association, Litigation Summit, Governmental Investigations and Litigation (Speaking Engagements)
11.29.2014 Casablanca Arbitration Days (Speaking Engagements)
11.14.2014 2nd Annual Global Arbitration Review (GAR) Live Paris (Speaking Engagements)
10.14.2014 Public Interest Law Center of Philadelphia "A Celebration of Civil Rights" (Firm Events)
10.07.2014 Jewish Federation of Broward County Third Annual Judicial Reception (Firm Events)
10.02.2014 United Way Woman's Leadership and Networking Dinner-Reception (Firm Events)
07.31.2014 Partnering to Meet Court Requirements for Discovery of Electronic Information, Columbia University Business School, Guest Instructor (Speaking Engagements)
05.15.2014 Broward County Bar Association Young Lawyers Section Judicial Reception (Firm Events)
05.09.2014 2014 Litigation Summit: In-House Counsel, Outside Counsel, Judges and Academics Examine Changing the Changing Practice of Litigation, New York City Bar Association (Speaking Engagements)
04.30.2014 U.S. Chamber’s Americas Department and Institute for Legal Reform Rule of Law/FCPA Symposium (Speaking Engagements)
04.24.2014 Best Practices in Structuring a Dynamic Real Estate Portfolio (Speaking Engagements)
03.19.2014 Jewish Federation of Broward County Women's Philanthropy Bash (Firm Events)
02.27.2014 33rd Annual Federal Judicial Reception South Florida Chapter (Firm Events)
02.08.2014 Beg, Borrow or Steal -- Appropriation Art, Fair Use or Infringement Most Foul? (Speaking Engagements)
01.01.2014 Phnom Penh Arbitration Day (Speaking Engagements)
01.01.2014 Energy Bar Association (Speaking Engagements)
12.12.2013 Copyright Policy, Creativity, and Innovation in the Digital Economy (Speaking Engagements)
12.03.2013 2013 Anti-Defamation League Centennial Miami Jurisprudence Award Luncheon (Firm Events)
12.02.2013 Ziman Center for Real Estate at UCLA – Board briefing and Semiannual Open Forum (Speaking Engagements)
11.22.2013 BSF Partner Scott Wilson Speaking at Art Litigation Seminar (CLE Events)
11.19.2013 BSF Counsel Parker Bagley to Discuss Software Patents at Fordham IP Summit (Speaking Engagements)
11.13.2013 BSF Senior Tax Partner Michael Kosnitzky on "Generational Real Estate" Panel (Speaking Engagements)
11.07.2013 e-Discovery Boot Camp: An Introduction to Identifying, Retrieving, Reviewing and Using Electronically Stored Information (Speaking Engagements)
10.09.2013 United Way Woman's Leadership and Networking Dinner-Reception (Firm Events)
09.20.2013 South Florida Chapter: 4th Annual CLE Conference, "What Happens In-House, Stays In-House" (CLE Events)
06.02.2013 Field Day For Foster Care - ChildNet (Firm Events)
05.22.2013 Firm Chairman David Boies To Receive Honorary Degree Today At New York University 2013 Commencement Ceremony (Speaking Engagements)
05.10.2013 University of South Carolina School of Law Graduation Ceremony (Speaking Engagements)
03.07.2013 American For Immigrant Justice – 17th Annual Dinner “Dare to Dream” (Firm Events)
02.28.2013 American University Washington College of Law’s 16th Annual Hispanic Law Conference Examines the Evolving Legal Landscape (Speaking Engagements)
02.08.2013 Dade County Bar Association Bench and Bar Conference (Speaking Engagements)
01.31.2013 The American Intellectual Property Lawyers Association Midwinter conference (Speaking Engagements)
01.30.2013 BSF Partner Nicholas Gravante Jr Speaking at Federal Civil Practice Seminar (CLE Events)
12.12.2012 Amherst College, Reunion Weekend, Who’s Policing Wall Street? Or Not? (Speaking Engagements)
12.05.2012 Faculty, Banking Law Institute of Practising Law Institute (Speaking Engagements)
09.28.2012 Theme: Square One Presented by TEDx (Speaking Engagements)
09.25.2012 "Bet the Company" Litigation 2012: Best Practices for Complex Cases, PLI Seminar (Speaking Engagements)
07.01.2012 NERA's 14th Annual Finance, Law & Economics Securities Litigation Seminar (Speaking Engagements)
06.20.2012 Induction Ceremony at Third District Court of Appeal (Speaking Engagements)
05.24.2012 Robert Cooper speaking at the National Law Journal's Complex Litigation Breakfast Series (Speaking Engagements)
05.12.2012 Whittier Law School Commencement and Hooding Ceremony (Speaking Engagements)
04.20.2012 Gulf Stream Council Boys Scouts of America (Firm Events)
04.20.2012 Magda Jimenez Train to be Honored at the Latina Trailblazers Breakfast (Firm Events)
03.15.2012 Americans for Immigrant Justice formerly FIAC (Firm Events)
02.28.2012 Moderator, “Mastering the Intricacies of USPTO Practice Post-Patent Reform,” ACI Advanced Summit on Medical Device Patents (Speaking Engagements)
02.28.2012 Speaker, “The Future of Inequitable Conduct After Therasense Inc. (Abbott) v. Becton Dickinson,,” ACI Advanced Summit on Medical Device Patents (Speaking Engagements)
02.24.2012 Gala 2012 New World Symphony (Firm Events)
02.17.2012 ABA Law Students Division 2nd Circuit Spring Meeting (Firm Events)
01.26.2012 The Florida Bar 2nd Annual Trial Lawyers Summit Luncheon (CLE Events)
01.07.2012 Association of American Law Schools Annual Meeting: Workshop on Academic Support (Speaking Engagements)
01.01.2012 Panel, Leadership in Times of Change, Bank of America Merrill Lynch Leadership seminar (Speaking Engagements)
12.06.2011 Gibraltar Private Bank & Trust Luncheon (Firm Events)
11.21.2011 Trying High-Profile Cases in Today's Media Environment (CLE Events)
11.11.2011 PLI, Banking Law Institute, Dodd-Frank and State Enforcement (Speaking Engagements)
11.08.2011 "Bet the Company" Litigation 2011: Best Practices for Complex Cases, PLI Seminar (Speaking Engagements)
11.06.2011 Hebrew Home for the Aged Dinner (Firm Events)
10.20.2011 Christopher Green Speaking on Ethics at Upcoming IBM Seminar (CLE Events)
10.01.2011 ABA - LSD Fall Leadership Summit for 1, 2, 3 and 11 Circuits (Speaking Engagements)
09.28.2011 Moderator, “The Patent Reform Act of 2011 – The Growing Tension Between Protecting Invention and Competing in the Global Marketplace,” AdvaMed 2011 Annual Conference (Speaking Engagements)
09.22.2011 2011 South Florida in-house Counsel CLE Conference (CLE Events)
07.14.2011 "Justice In America: Threats to the Courts and Rule of Law" (Speaking Engagements)
06.24.2011 Keith Blum Speaking on Corporate Governance in Colorado Springs (Speaking Engagements)
06.20.2011 World Justice Forum III (Speaking Engagements)
06.16.2011 Appleseed Presents Pillars of Justice Gala Keynote Speaker (Speaking Engagements)
06.15.2011 Epstein Becker Green Diversity Reception Featuring Stephen N. Zack (Speaking Engagements)
06.14.2011 New York Women's Bar Association - Annual Awards Installation Dinner (Firm Events)
06.14.2011 Latina Trailblazers: BSF Sponsoring Latino Justice's Annual Women's Awards Breakfast (Firm Events)
06.14.2011 U.S. Naturalization Ceremony for 500 New U.S. Citizens (Speaking Engagements)
05.26.2011 International Bar Association Midyear Meeting (CLE Events)
05.25.2011 International Bar Association Midyear Meeting (CLE Events)
05.22.2011 American University Washington College of Law Commencement Exercise (Speaking Engagements)
05.21.2011 Eleventh Judicial Circuit Centennial Gala (Speaking Engagements)
05.19.2011 BSF Partner Jack Stern Speaks at "Taking and Defending Depositions 2011" (CLE Events)
05.16.2011 The American Law Institute 2011 Annual Meeting (Speaking Engagements)
05.14.2011 St. Thomas University School of Law 2011 Commencement Exercise (Speaking Engagements)
05.13.2011 University of Florida, Frederic G. Levin College of Law 2011 Law Commencement Exercises (Speaking Engagements)
05.12.2011 AJC Judge Learned Hand Award Dinner Honoring Stephen N Zack (Firm Events)
05.11.2011 Brazil-U.S. Judicial Initiative (Firm Events)
05.07.2011 Florida State University College of Law Graduation Ceremony (Speaking Engagements)
05.06.2011 Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association 2011 Law Day Celebration (Speaking Engagements)
05.02.2011 2011 Annual Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility (Speaking Engagements)
04.18.2011 Kansas City International Relations Council Luncheon (Speaking Engagements)
04.05.2011 David Boies: Gay Marriage and the Constitution (Firm Events)
04.05.2011 Magda Jimenez Train to be Honored at Cardozo's Annual BALLSA Alumni Dinner (Firm Events)
03.29.2011 Reflections on Perry v. Schwarzenegger (Firm Events)
03.28.2011 David Boies on Perry v. Schwarzenegger and the Fate of Prop. 8 (Firm Events)
02.24.2011 Why History Matters (Speaking Engagements)
01.22.2011 Conference of Chief Justices Mid-Year Meeting (Firm Events)
01.19.2011 Current Issues in Mortgage Foreclosure and Loss Mitigation, New York State-Federal Judicial Council, Program Co-Chair (Speaking Engagements)
01.02.2011 Moderator, Bondholder Disputes and Sovereign Immunity: Defaults and Arising Litigation, IBC Global Financial Institutions Litigation Conference, London (Speaking Engagements)
01.01.2011 Financial Institutions Litigation Conference, London (Speaking Engagements)
01.01.2011 Guest Speaker, “Corporations in Court” seminar at Columbia Law School (Speaking Engagements)
12.14.2010 New York County Lawyers Association's 96th Annual Dinner (Firm Events)
11.09.2010 Anti-Defamation League, NY Lawyers Division Human Relations Awards Tribute and Dinner (Firm Events)
10.23.2010 Puerto Rican Bar Association of Florida 8th Annual Gala (Firm Events)
10.20.2010 Moderator, "Changing Patent Litigation Landscape," ADVAMED Annual 2010 Meeting (Washington, D.C.). (Speaking Engagements)
10.19.2010 Palm Beach Bar Association Diversity Membership Luncheon (Firm Events)
10.18.2010 Reception Honoring Stephen Zack & Attorneys in Government Service (Firm Events)
10.15.2010 Intermediate Family Law CLE Seminar (CLE Events)
10.15.2010 Breakfast In-House Counsel CLE (CLE Events)
10.08.2010 UF Marshall M. Criser Distinguished Lecture Series (Speaking Engagements)
09.24.2010 Chicago Latino Network Awards Gala (Speaking Engagements)
09.23.2010 2010 South Florida In-House Counsel CLE Conference FTL Office (CLE Events)
09.15.2010 Portugal-U.S.Chamber Breakfast Seminar at Boies, Schiller & Flexner (Firm Events)
09.07.2010 Executive Leadership Training Program for Latina Lawyers (Firm Events)
08.30.2010 2010 Korean Bar Association Annual Lawyers (Speaking Engagements)
08.19.2010 South Carolina Managing Partners Lunch and Forum (in conjunction with the South Carolina Judicial Conference (Speaking Engagements)
08.09.2010 WATCH: American Bar Association Annual Meeting: Stephen Zack Investiture - Acceptance Speech (Firm Events)
08.08.2010 Fair Trial, Free Press? High-Profile Cases in a 24/7 "New Media" World (Speaking Engagements)
08.07.2010 WATCH: Chairman David Boies Addresses ABA Annual Meeting Opening Assembly (Speaking Engagements)
08.05.2010 David Boies: Challenging Law And Making History (Speaking Engagements)
07.12.2010 Understanding Copyright Law 2010 (CLE Events)
05.16.2010 President-Elect of American Bar Association to Address Graduates at NSU Law School Commencement (Firm Events)
05.11.2010 Mississippi Center for Justice (Firm Events)
04.29.2010 Standards for Prosecuting Corporate Fraud by Federal & State Agencies: Current Approaches to Privilege Issues, Panelist and Moderator, New York City Bar Association (Speaking Engagements)
04.22.2010 Miami Dade College Alumni Hall of Fame Induction (Firm Events)
04.08.2010 Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough Center on Professionalism National Conference on Mentoring II: Best Practices for Building Sustainable Mentoring Programs (Speaking Engagements)
03.17.2010 Speaker, “Bilski – Where Are We Now and Where Are We Going?,” Pittsburgh Intellectual Property Law Association (Speaking Engagements)
03.06.2010 American College of Trial Lawyers - 60th Spring Meeting 2010 (Speaking Engagements)
01.30.2010 Case Study of a Board’s Role in a Corporate Crisis, Columbia University Executive MBA Program (Speaking Engagements)
01.15.2010 Dade County Bar Association General Membership Luncheon Meeting (Speaking Engagements)
01.14.2010 Jewish Museum of Florida Annual Judges and Lawyers (Speaking Engagements)
01.01.2010 Guest Speaker, “Corporations in Court” seminar at Columbia Law School (Speaking Engagements)
12.21.2009 California Western Law School 2009 Commencement Ceremony (Speaking Engagements)
12.04.2009 Daily Business Review's Most Effective Lawyer Luncheon (Firm Events)
11.30.2009 ESADE Law School (Speaking Engagements)
11.24.2009 Committee to Protect Journalists: 19th Annual International Press Freedom Awards Dinner (Firm Events)
11.19.2009 2009 Appellate Judges Education Institute (AJEI) Summit for Appellate Judges, Lawyers and Staff Attorneys (CLE Events)
11.19.2009 National Women's Law Center's Annual Dinner (Firm Events)
11.19.2009 Young Audiences Arts for Learning (Firm Events)
11.19.2009 2009 Appellate Judges Education Institute (AJEI) Summit, For Appellate Judges, Lawyers and Staff Attorneys (Speaking Engagements)
11.18.2009 Symposium on Organized Crime in the Western Hemisphere: An Overlooked Threat? (Speaking Engagements)
11.18.2009 American Bar Foundation (Speaking Engagements)
11.13.2009 Emerging Legal Issues and the Internet (CLE Events)
10.20.2009 A Right To Marry? Same-Sex Marriage And The Constitution (Speaking Engagements)
09.09.2009 New York City Bar Association, Standards for Prosecuting Corporate Fraud (Speaking Engagements)
06.23.2009 Standards for Prosecuting Corporate Fraud by Federal & State Agencies: The Impact of the Revised Justice Department Charging Guidelines, Panelist and Moderator, New York City Bar Association (Speaking Engagements)
04.01.2009 “Protecting Directors against Liability in Light of the In re Citigroup Inc. Shareholder Derivative Litigation Decision,” Bloomberg Risk & Compliance Law Reports (Speaking Engagements)
04.10.2008 Speaker, “Patent Trolls. Are They Down for the Count?,” ABA 23rd Annual IP Law Conference (Speaking Engagements)
01.01.2008 When the Dialogue Fails: Strategies for Distressed Investors, IIR's Annual Investing in Distressed Debt Conference, London (Speaking Engagements)
07.07.2007 Federal Bar Council, Examination and Cross-Examination of Expert Witnesses (Speaking Engagements)
06.21.2006 Speaker, “New Strategies for Effectively Defending Your Products Against Patent Trolls,” Patent Litigation Conference. (Speaking Engagements)
06.06.2006 National Institutes of Health and Tuck School of Business, Dartmouth University, Conference on the Ethical, Legal and Social Implications of the Human Genome Project, Keynote Speaker (Speaking Engagements)
05.24.2006 Speaker, "Hot Topics in Patent Litigation," American Conference Institute, Software Patents (San Francisco, CA). (Speaking Engagements)
01.01.2006 Part-time Lecturer in Law, University of Oxford (Speaking Engagements)
01.01.2005 Co-Moderator, "International free-speech rights, defamation, privacy, and access to information," Media Law Resource Center (London, United Kingdom) (Speaking Engagements)
04.04.2004 Judicial Conference, United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, DNA Evidence in the Courtroom (Speaking Engagements)
02.19.2003 Speaker, "What Festo and Its Progeny Mean for Litigation Today ... and Tomorrow," American Conference Institute, The 8th National Forum on Litigating Patent Disputes (Wash., D.C.) (Speaking Engagements)
08.01.2002 Speaker, "Post Festo Challenges, "AIPLA Advanced Patent Prosecution Training Seminar. (Speaking Engagements)
09.09.1999 National Commission on the Future of DNA Evidence (Speaking Engagements)
AAML-The Institute 34th Annual Florida Chapter (CLE Events)