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Fair Trial, Free Press? High-Profile Cases in a 24/7 "New Media" World

Sunday, August 8, 2010 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

The ranks of newspapers, newspaper readers, and traditional journalists are rapidly dwindling, replaced by bloggers, twitterers, "citizen journalists," and other so-called "social" and ‘new' media. Can "trial by twitter" be far behind? In a fast-paced, multi-media "talk show" format, renowned judges, and journalists (representing both conventional and "new" media) will use real-life examples "ripped from the headlines" - screening actual news reports on select trials - to highlight the growing challenges of litigating high-profile cases in a world where a 24/7 news cycle is the norm, the news cycle is the norm, the journalists' code of ethics is being rewritten "on the fly," and jurors are negotiating book deals during coffee breaks and researching case details on their Blackberries to reach a verdict. Panelists include the judge who recently presided over the "Proposition 8"/same-sex marriage trial, as well as the judge who recently handled one of the largest public corruption cases in the country and now has a major national security case involving an alleged terrorist plot to blow up a skyscraper. The relationship between the courts and the media has always been rocky, and the emergence of "new" social media clearly raise the stakes and pose novel problems. Don't miss this frank and stimulating exchange on how to protect parties' rights to a fair trial while- at the same time - satisfying the rights of the public and media to access to the courts. This is a complimentary CLE program.

Honorable Vaughn Walker, San Francisco, CA

David Boies, Armonk, NY
Honorable Barbara M.G. Lynn, Dallas, TX


Presidential CLE Center - Moscone Center West
Rooms 2001/2003, 2nd Floor
San Francisco, CA

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