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Firm Report: July 2006 (Vol. 1, Issue II)


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Inside this issue:
Governor Blanco Praises BSF for Aiding Louisiana in Katrina’s Wake
Steve Zack: BSF’s Person In Miami And a Leader of The ABA

Summer Associates
Welcome, Summer Associates!

Litigation Highlights
BSF Successfully Settles Substantial False Claims Act Case
BSF Successfully Settles Zurich Financial Claims Arising from a $100M Offshore Fraud
Smith Wholesale, et al. v. Philip Morris USA Inc.
BSF Makes New Law in State Farm Subrogation Litigation
BSF Wins In The Wine Country
BSF Argues Appeal In Pebble Beach Company v. Caddy
BSF Initiates LaSalle v. Incapital LLC
Firm Obtains Dismissal of $16 Million Suit against Philip Morris

Pro Bono Highlights
BSF Assistance Crucial to Supreme Court Ruling Reversing Death Sentence In Successful Innocence Project Case
Florida Children’s Healthcare Litigation
Trejo v. Broadway Plaza Hotel
NRDC v. United States Dep’t of Agriculture
BSF Pro Bono Representation of Political Asylum Claimant

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