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Firm Report: November 2006 (Vol. 1, Issue III


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Inside this Issue
Client Spotlight: The Greenberg/Starr Matters
Partner Kirsten Gillibrand Ousts Heavily Favored Incumbent to Win NY Congressional Seat

New Attorneys
Introducing Our Firm’s Newest Colleagues

Litigation Highlights
BSF Wins Dismissal of $9 Billion Claim against Qwest
Firm Represents San Francisco Chronicle Reporters in BALCO Case
Qwest Class Action Suit Successfully Settled
BSF Makes New Law on Personal Jurisdiction
Court Upholds $27 Million Treble-Damage Jury Award Won by BSF
Firm Represents Excelsior in Bid for New York Racing Franchise
Yankee Stadium Litigation Success
Miami’s Philip Morris Team Attains Puerto Rico Win
BSF Defends Investment Bank Employee Raiding Case
Firm Wins Total Victory in Del Monte Jury Trial

Pro Bono Highlights
Armonk Attorneys Achieve Justice For Abused Minors
BSF Pro Bono Efforts Secure Defendant’s Right to Counsel In Landmark Criminal Environmental Case
BSF Defends Armenian Asylum Applicant
Chris Green Honored With “Partner in Justice Award”

Items of Interest
From Armonk, Miami, New York City and Washington DC offices.

Client Spotlight: The Greenberg/Starr Matters
Maurice R. (“Hank”) Greenberg
Starr International/AIG Disputes
AIG Securities and Derivative Litigation
C.V. Starr/AIG Disputes
Starr Corporate Matters
Additional Starr Matters

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