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Firm Report: January 2008 (Vol. 3, Issue I)


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In This Issue:

Litigation Highlights:
BSF Secures Record $2.25 Billion Settlement for Amex
BSF Wins Trial Requiring Completion of $1.5 Billion Deal
BSF Obtains Summary Judgment for NASCAR
BSF Obtains Injunction for CBS Outdoor from Third Circuit
U.S. Dep't of Justice Ends 2 ½-Year Grand Jury Investigation of DuPont
Firm at the Center of the Global "Subprime" Storm
BSF Obtains Important Post-Twombly Class Action Victory
Las Vegas Jury Awards Verdicts to BSF Clients
BSF Obtains Summary Judgment for Fidelity National
BSF Advances Claims for Clients Broadcom and Texas Instruments Against Qualcomm
BSF Wins Settlement for Class in Ohio Savings Bank Case
BSF Leads Effort to Get Cameras into Federal Courts

Pro Bono Highlights:
Settlement of Pro Bono Personal Injury Case Funded
BSF Defends Int'l Crisis Group in Defamation Action
Firm Represents Prisoner in Civil Rights Suit
BSF Takes on Landmark Case on Behalf of 1.5 Million Medicaid Eligible Children in Florida
DC Office Brings Action to Compel Licensing of Assisted Living Facilities

New Partners and Counsel

Items of Interest

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