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Firm Report: July 2008


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In This Issue:

Litigation Highlights:
BSF Negotiates Second Historic Antitrust Settlement for American Express

BSF Wins Appellate Victory on Ground Breaking Privilege Issue

BSF Obtains Summary Judgment for Plaintiff Florida Power & Light in $358 Million Contract Dispute

BSF Obtains Win in Nationwide Class Action over Pyramid Marketing Scheme

BSF Files Amicus Brief in Supreme Court in Second Amendment Challenge to D.C.'s Handgun Ban

Third Circuit Affirms BSF Victory Dismissing $9 Billion Case Against Qwest

BSF Wins Summary Judgment for FPL Energy in Uranium Assignment Case

Expert View

Pro Bono Highlights:
New Hampshire Federal Judge Permits Post-Conviction DNA Testing to Show Actual Innocence of BSF Pro Bono Client

BSF Prevails on Appeal in Ninth Circuit Free Exercise of Religion Case

New Partners and Counsel

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