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After Opening Statement, BSF Wins Product Liability Suit for Pfizer

Winter 2010

William Ohlemeyer

All it took was an opening statement by a BSF partner to send the Firm’s client home victorious.

A BSF trial team achieved victory in the first of several hundred cases pending trial alleging that Pfizer’s pharmaceutical product, Neurontin, causes suicide in people who take it.

Following on the heels of an opening statement made by BSF partner William Ohlemeyer, the case was dismissed with prejudice late July, 2009.

The plaintiff in the case was Regina Bulger, the ten-year old daughter of Susan Bulger, a Boston woman who committed suicide. Pfizer denies that Neurontin causes or contributes to suicide.

The second trial in the series is scheduled for March 29th before Boston federal district court judge Patti Saris. Mark Lanier is expected to represent plaintiffs and the BSF team will again represent Pfizer.

Joining Ohlemeyer in working on the matter were BSF partners Harlan Levy and William Marsillo, and associates Dan Holloway and Lisa Nousek.    

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