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Fundraising Efforts Underway by BSF to Aid the People of Haiti

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Winter 2010

Markenzy Lapointe

In response to the devastating earthquake that hit Haiti in January 2010, BSF has raised in excess of $136,500 through its employee-matching fundraising initiative. BSF associate Markenzy Lapointe, from the Miami office, has since been involved in all facets of the relief.  

As part of the Haiti Relief Task Force, Lapointe has met with state and federal officials, including Vice President Joe Biden and Louisiana U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu to discuss response and long term prospects.  He currently represents the first Haitian "orphan" case in court.  The 3-month old baby, severely injured on the street of Port-au-Prince, was picked up by an ABC News reporter and doctors from Project Medishare and brought to a Miami hospital for treatment.  A few days later, however, a couple in Haiti claimed to be the baby's parents, implicating a host of issues.  Lapointe also plans to travel to Haiti with a group to help in rebuilding an orphanage, among other things, in late February.  

Additionally, the Firm will be donating $16,500 to the Clinton Bush Haiti Relief Fund, as part of a contract negotiated by BSF CFO Amy Habie.


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