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2009 Another Banner Recruiting Year

Winter 2010

Alan Vickery

The Firm has enjoyed another successful year in recruiting and continues to attract the best candidates from the most selective law schools and judicial clerkships in the country. 

Twenty-seven full-time associates joined the Firm in 2009; and 15 third-year law students and 3 current law clerks thus far have accepted offers to join the Firm in 2010. All but one who have accepted offers for 2010 participated in our 2008 or 2009 summer program.  Several offers to other law clerks are still pending, and a number of other 2009 summer associates are deferring decisions on their offers pending clerkships or public-interest fellowships.

The Firm’s 2010 summer class is the strongest yet, consisting of seventeen top students from Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Columbia, the University of Chicago, the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Virginia.   All seventeen law students have remarkable achievements and outstanding academic records, and eleven of them are members of their respective schools’ Law Reviews.

According to Recruiting Committee Co-Chair Alan Vickery, “We are looking for students and law clerks who ranked in the top 5-10% of their classes at top-ten law schools and are eager to get on their feet in court or take the lead in negotiating complex corporate transactions, but they must also have personalities that are well suited to those activities.”  As the 2010 edition of Vault summarized, “It is extremely difficult to get a callback” at our Firm; “you need to be a top student at a top school.” 

What others are saying: 

Chambers Associates, June 2009:
"Boies staffs leanly, expects a lot and rewards those who fulfill expectations. Not a firm for everyone, but a perfect fit for high-achieving, serial self-starters."

Vault, December 2009
“Routinely interviews at only top-10 schools, and an A- average is usually required for hiring.  The firm rigorously maintains their culture through hiring; brilliant candidates who don’t ‘fit’ don’t get hired.”

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