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A Conversation with BSF Partner Robert Leung

Public & Professional Leadership

Firm Newsletter Spring 2011

Robert Leung, President of the Asian American Bar Association of New York [AABANY]

How did you first learn about the AABA of New York?
My first involvement with the AABANY was as a law student when I volunteered with its Asian Crime Victims Project. Through this program I connected with several attorneys who generously mentored me as I made important decisions about law school, summer jobs and permanent positions.

Did you stay active with them throughout your career?
During my early years in practice, I focused solely on work and was not actively involved in any bar association. However, after coming to BSF, I was reminded of the importance of diversity and community-building in the legal profession and became active with AABANY as one of their directors. 

And you are currently serving as President?
That’s correct; I have been on the Board of Directors since 2006 and began my term as president in February 2010.

What sorts of initiatives have you spearheaded during your presidential term?
This past year we organized a Law Firm Road Show to increase the visibility of AABANY and its activities to our law firm sponsors; we launched a new AABANY website; and we held the first-ever AABANY Fall Conference, attended by over 150 attorneys with 11 CLE programs. 

Sounds like a busy year.
Yes, it’s been an eventful time. AABANY is a fully matured professional organization that is at a exciting moment of growth and expansion in its history.  Hiring its first Executive Director in 2009 and registering its 1500th member in 2010, AABANY has been improving and increasing the quality and quantity of the services it performs for its members and its sponsors.