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Miami Partner Stephen N. Zack to be Named President-Elect of the American Bar Association

First Cuban-American President in the History of 130-Year Old Organization

El Nuevo Herald, April 28, 2008
Rui Ferreira

Download: English Version (PDF, 149.26 K)

BSF Partner Steve Zack will become the President of the American Bar Association in 2010 -- the first Cuban-American to ever hold the office according to Latin newspaper El Neuvo.  The article describes Steve's fascinating biography -- noting that he "personifies an amalgam of cultures" and how his family fled Cuba when he was 14 -- describes his work for then-Vice President Al Gore during the 2000 Florida recount battle, and observes that "[i]n legal circles he is considered one of the most lucid defenders of the purity of the United States legal system." 

For the entire article, please click onto the external link (Spanish) or launch the PDF version (English).

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External Link: Spanish Version

Download: English Version (PDF, 149.26 K)