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Federal Prosecutors Investigating Price-Fixing in the Packaged-Ice Industry

Collusion Inquiry Targets Ice Companies

The Wall Street Journal, August 7, 2008
John Wilke

BSF's Hanover, New Hampshire Administrative Partner, Richard Drubel, was quoted in the August 7, 2008 issue of the The Wall Street Journal.

The article reports on allegations that the three leading companies in the $1.8B annual market for packaged ice formed an illegal cartel to fix prices and allocate territories and customers.  A federal investigation by the Department of Justice has already led to a guilty plea by one of the companies.  Drubel is senior BSF partner on a civil class action complaint recently filed by two New York companies on behalf of all retail customers of the three companies.  The article observes that this complaint is one of the "most detailed" filed to date.

National Post, April 7, 2009
Ice storm

The Current Radio Show, September 9, 2008
BSF's Albany Partner, Phil Iovieno appeared on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation radio station on September 9. Mr. Iovieno appeared on their show "The Current," hosted by Anna Maria Tremonti and discussed the packaged ice price fixing case. To hear the full interview, please click onto the link below and scroll down to "Part 2: Ice Cartel."

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