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Federal Class Action Suits Rises Because of Subprime Crisis

Subprime Crisis Drives Surge In Federal Class Action Filings

New York Law Journal, August 7, 2008
Jeff Horwitz

BSF partner Robin Henry was recently quoted in a New York Law Journal article that reported on the effects of the "subprime crisis" on the number of class actions filed in 2008.  The article highlighted a spike in the volume of cases and focused on the connection to the financial industry.  "'You are not just seeing a lot of cases, but a lot of cases filed against a small number of financial institutions,'" Ms. Henry told the Law Journal. "This period of securities litigation is unlike earlier periods because although total filings are high, the lawsuits are concentrated in terms of defendants."

The full article is available in the August 7, 2008 edition of the The New York Law Journal.


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