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BSF Prompts Red Sox Fan to Drop ‘God Bless America’ Suit Against Yankees


Partner Alan B. Vickery and associate Michael M. Merley of BSF represented the Firm’s client, The New York Yankees, in a suit brought by a Red Sox fan who claims he was wrongly ejected from Yankee Stadium for trying to walk to the restroom during the playing of ‘God Bless America.’

The Yankees contended that the fan was ejected for unruly behavior and pushing a police officer, and not, as he claimed, because of a policy of restricting fan movement during the playing to enforce political or religious observance. While the City separately settled with the fan for a nominal $10,000, the Yankees simply stipulated that they have no such policy, and did not pay anything or admit any liability and remain free to adopt any policies they deem appropriate in the future.

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