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BSF Sues NCAA on Behalf of Former Student Athletes


BSF partners Bill Isaacson and Tanya Chutkan are part of a team of lawyers suing the NCAA over their practice of requiring student athletes to surrender their rights to commercial use of their images.  The suit alleges that the NCAA’s actions have resulted in millions of dollars in profits to the NCAA and its licensing divisions.  The case, brought on behalf of a class of former student athletes, is led by former UCLA basketball star Ed O’Bannon.

FanHouse, May 27, 2010
NCAA Facing Its Own Erin Brockovich

Los Angeles Times, July 22, 2009
Former UCLA star Ed O'Bannon leads suit against NCAA over use of images

Bloomberg News, July 22, 2009
NCAA Sued by Former Player Over Unpaid Use of Image

New York Times, July 22, 2009
N.C.A.A. Sued Over Licensing Practices

USA Today, July 22, 2009
O'Bannon wants his cut; Players are owed, ex-UCLA star says

USA Today, July 21, 2009
Class-action suit filed vs. NCAA over use of players' likenesses, July 21, 2009
NCAA faces unspecified damages, changes in latest anti-trust case

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