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BSF Partners with KIND Project to Provide Pro Bono Services for Young Asylum Seekers


BSF continues to work alongside the non-profit organization Kids In Need of Defense (KIND), founded by actress Angelina Jolie and Microsoft Corporation, to provide pro bono legal counsel and representation to undocumented children who are in the U.S. without parental accompaniment. These children are often fleeing gang violence or abuse in their home countries and are seeking political asylum or special juvenile visas.

Please click on the below links for media coverage of this important work.

Please note that the Telemundo clip below is in Spanish but Rosanne's interview is in English.

Daily News [page 14], June 5, 2011

Telemundo, September 4, 2009
Interview with BSF Counsel Rosanne Baxter

New York Daily News, September 3, 2009
KIND aid for youngest of the undocumented through Kids in Need of Defense

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