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05.23.2016 Prominent Litigator Sean O’Shea Joins Boies, Schiller & Flexner (Press Releases)
05.10.2016 The birth of federal trade secrets law (Professional Leadership)
05.06.2016 How a Pair of Moonlighting Attorneys Won a Landmark Budget Autonomy Case for DC (In the News)
05.02.2016 Murky U.S. Incorporation Comes Under Scrutiny (In the News)
05.02.2016 Rising Star: Boies Schiller's Joshua Schiller (In the News)
05.02.2016 Attorneys React To High Court's Hobbs Act Extortion Ruling (In the News)
04.29.2016 Is there ever a good reason for setting up a shell company? (In the News)
04.29.2016 Prince died without a will, six siblings likely to share fortune (In the News)
04.26.2016 Prince's estate: 6 key questions answered (In the News)
04.26.2016 Prince's apparent lack of planning may cost his estate (In the News)

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