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Edward Evans
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08.30.2016 Telecoms Freed From FTC Grasp In 9th Circ. AT&T Ruling (In the News)
08.29.2016 Johnny Depp’s "Charitable" Divorce Settlement (In the News)
08.24.2016 The Top 3 Groups Lobbying The FCC (In the News)
08.22.2016 Recent Estate And Gift Tax Changes Require Immediate Action (Professional Leadership)
08.17.2016 Litigation Powerhouse: Boies Schiller & Flexner (In the News)
08.16.2016 Sex, Privacy, and Videotape: Lessons of Gawker’s Downfall (In the News)
08.15.2016 Compensation Aspects of the 'Commonsense Corporate Governance Principles' (Professional Leadership)
08.04.2016 First Reactions to the U.K.'s Second Deferred Prosecution Agreement (Professional Leadership)
07.28.2016 Proposed Section 409A Regulations Affecting Executive Compensation (Professional Leadership)
07.27.2016 Feds Expand Luxury Real Estate Sale Reporting Requirements (In the News)

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