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US Supreme Court Upholds BSF’s Historic Win Declaring Same-Sex Marriage a Constitutional Right »
Rare Retrial Granted Following BSF’s Second Circuit Arguments for Private Equity Firm Terra Firma »
BSF Wins Historic Verdict in Antitrust Case against Chinese Vitamin C Cartel »
Courts Continue to Rule for BSF Client Barclays in Lehman Bankruptcy Deal »
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03.02.2015 What Net Neutrality Means for Netflix, Xbox and Skype (In the News)
02.26.2015 Dawn Smalls Returns to Boies, Schiller & Flexner as Partner (Press Releases)
02.23.2015 Stop the Data Feeding Frenzy (In the News)
02.11.2015 Two Supreme Court Clerks Join Boies, Schiller & Flexner (Press Releases)
02.02.2015 Court Decisions That Set No Precedent (In the News)
01.30.2015 'Dart' and Class Certification OrderJurisdiction (In the News)
01.28.2015 GOP net neutrality bill is not neutral (In the News)
01.28.2015 BSF attorney Anne E. Hinds honored for her pro bono work (In the News)
01.27.2015 Boies, Schiller & Flexner Names Amy Mauser Administrative Partner for its Washington, D.C. Office (Press Releases)
01.22.2015 Preempting Laws That Hurt Municipal Broadband Is Good for Competition—and Net Neutrality (In the News)

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