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US Supreme Court Upholds BSF’s Historic Win Declaring Same-Sex Marriage a Constitutional Right »
Rare Retrial Granted Following BSF’s Second Circuit Arguments for Private Equity Firm Terra Firma »
BSF Wins Historic Verdict in Antitrust Case against Chinese Vitamin C Cartel »
Courts Continue to Rule for BSF Client Barclays in Lehman Bankruptcy Deal »
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08.19.2014 DeCock: On the surface, it's second-class treatment for women's soccer (In the News)
08.18.2014 Telecom Deals Put Lawyers to Work (In the News)
08.08.2014 O’Bannon v. NCAA: Judge Wilken rules for plaintiffs (In the News)
08.06.2014 The District’s budget autonomy decision could rest on Home Rule Act’s history (In the News)
07.23.2014 Trends in Corporate Law: Rep and Warranty Insurance (Firm Report Summer 2014)
07.23.2014 Corporate Update: Mongolia, NuStar, YES (Firm Report Summer 2014)
07.23.2014 David Boies: Why I Took the Case (Firm Report Summer 2014)
07.23.2014 Partner Moves (Firm Report Summer 2014)
07.23.2014 Honors and Recognition (Firm Report Summer 2014)
07.23.2014 Split Obamacare Court Rulings Revive Health-Care Debate (In the News)

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