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US Supreme Court Upholds BSF’s Historic Win Declaring Same-Sex Marriage a Constitutional Right »
Rare Retrial Granted Following BSF’s Second Circuit Arguments for Private Equity Firm Terra Firma »
BSF Wins Historic Verdict in Antitrust Case against Chinese Vitamin C Cartel »
Courts Continue to Rule for BSF Client Barclays in Lehman Bankruptcy Deal »
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12.18.2014 FCC and FTC Can Co-Exist on Net Neutrality (In the News)
12.18.2014 Litigators of the Week: William Isaacson and Karen Dunn (In the News)
12.17.2014 Litigators of the Week: Bill Isaacson and Karen Dunn (In the News)
12.16.2014 Boies, Schiller & Flexner Elects New Partners (Press Releases)
12.11.2014 Musk’s SpaceX Closer to Certification for Launches, U.S. Says (In the News)
12.09.2014 CBS Deal Ends Blackout, Litigation Risk for Dish (In the News)
12.09.2014 Former FDA Chief of Staff Joins Boies, Schiller & Flexner (Press Releases)
12.09.2014 Supreme Court’s Missing Man (In the News)
11.28.2014 Costs Allocation in Investor-State Arbitration (Professional Leadership)
11.13.2014 Obama gets it right on net neutrality (OpEd) (In the News)

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