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05.23.2016 Prominent Litigator Sean O’Shea Joins Boies, Schiller & Flexner (Press Releases)
05.10.2016 The birth of federal trade secrets law (Professional Leadership)
05.06.2016 How a Pair of Moonlighting Attorneys Won a Landmark Budget Autonomy Case for DC (In the News)
05.02.2016 Murky U.S. Incorporation Comes Under Scrutiny (In the News)
05.02.2016 Rising Star: Boies Schiller's Joshua Schiller (In the News)
05.02.2016 Attorneys React To High Court's Hobbs Act Extortion Ruling (In the News)
04.29.2016 Is there ever a good reason for setting up a shell company? (In the News)
04.29.2016 Prince died without a will, six siblings likely to share fortune (In the News)
04.26.2016 Prince's estate: 6 key questions answered (In the News)
04.26.2016 Prince's apparent lack of planning may cost his estate (In the News)
04.19.2016 Hamish Hume Noted by Wall Street Journal and Other Media for GSE Case (In the News)
04.17.2016 Stuart Singer and Carl Goldfarb Noted for Florida Medicaid Settlement (In the News)
04.06.2016 The New World of Campus Sexual Assault (Professional Leadership)
04.05.2016 Settlement Agreement Reached in Florida Medicaid Case to Improve Medical and Dental Care for Florida Children (Press Releases)
04.01.2016 London Office Shortlisted for U.S. Law Firm of the Year (Recognition)
03.31.2016 Alanna Rutherford, Josh Schiller, and Matthew Schwartz Named Rising Stars (Recognition)
03.30.2016 Boies, Schiller & Flexner Appoints Matthew Getz as Partner in London (Press Releases)
03.27.2016 Art Collectors Discover Irrevocable Trusts (In the News)
03.22.2016 Mike Kosnitzky, Charles Miller Honored as Divorce, Trusts & Estates Trailblazers by The National Law Journal (Recognition)
03.21.2016 An important step forward for self-government in the District (In the News)
03.21.2016 Pro Bono Victory for Washington, D.C., Budget Autonomy (Press Releases)
03.16.2016 Elle Magazine Names Karen Dunn Among ‘Most Compelling Women in Washington’ (Recognition)
03.07.2016 London Office Shortlisted for Two Excellence in Legal Services Awards (Recognition)
03.07.2016 Negotiating Third Party Vendor Contracts in an Age of Material Cybersecurity Concerns (Professional Leadership)
03.07.2016 Don't Try to Skirt Federal Real Estate Targeting Order (Professional Leadership)
03.01.2016 The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative: LLC for Philanthropy (Professional Leadership)
02.23.2016 Steve Zack Named to Most Influential Hispanic Lawyers List (Recognition)
02.22.2016 Partner Nick Gravante Featured in Lawdragon Magazine (In the News)
02.16.2016 Detroit Bridge Cos. Aim To Revive Challenge To Rival Span (In the News)
02.12.2016 HUD Settles Case with Former Employee for $900K (In the News)
02.11.2016 HUD to Pay $900,000 over Failure to Accommodate Claim (In the News)
02.09.2016 Charles Fox Miller and Lauren Alperstein Named Attorneys of the Month by Legal Aid Service of Broward County (Recognition)
02.09.2016 Tech industry cuts charitable donations (In the News)
02.04.2016 Harlan Levy Awarded John J. McCloy Award (Recognition)
02.03.2016 Armando Rosquete Named a Top Lawyer by the Hispanic National Bar Association (Recognition)
01.28.2016 London Office Wins Judgment for Canary Wharf Noteholders (Press Releases)
01.22.2016 Is Ted Cruz Eligible To Be President? It's Complicated. (In the News)
01.15.2016 Is Cruz A 'Natural Born Citizen'? The Real Question Is: Who Decides? (In the News)
01.15.2016 Houston Trial Lawyer Files Lawsuit on Ted Cruz’s Presidential Eligibility (In the News)
01.15.2016 New Counsel Appointment for Boies, Schiller & Flexner in London (Press Releases)
01.15.2016 Daily fantasy sports games may not be legal in Maryland, attorney general says (In the News)
01.11.2016 Jackpot for Wednesday's Powerball drawing climbs to $1.4 billion (In the News)
01.11.2016 Ready to win Powerball's $1.5 billion lottery? Here's what you could do with the money (In the News)
01.11.2016 Powerball: Who wants to be a billionaire? (In the News)
01.09.2016 The First Things to Do If You Win the Powerball Jackpot (In the News)
01.09.2016 The first things to do if you win the lottery (In the News)
01.08.2016 Stuart Singer and David Barrett Named Litigators of the Week (Recognition)
01.04.2016 Boies, Schiller & Flexner Elects Eight New Partners (Press Releases)
01.04.2016 Approval for new bridge span could come in March (In the News)
12.31.2015 Key Rulings in Agency Lawsuits Expected in 2016 (In the News)
12.31.2015 Trial Lawyers Brace for Blockbuster Cases in 2016 (In the News)
12.30.2015 Partner Karen Dunn Featured in Inside Counsel (In the News)
12.24.2015 Telecom Cases To Watch In 2016 (In the News)
12.21.2015 Boies, Schiller & Flexner Named Litigation Department of the Year Finalist (Recognition)
12.21.2015 Bill Isaacson Named a Litigator of the Year (Recognition)
12.18.2015 Net Neutrality Politics Likely Behind FCC Data Plan Interest (In the News)
12.15.2015 No Good Deed Goes Unpunished (In the News)
12.14.2015 Hillary Clinton says Bill for Veep has 'crossed her mind.' Legal? (In the News)
12.08.2015 Deutsche Telekom Accused Of 'Toll' At Internet Choke Points (In the News)
12.08.2015 Cogent Communications Sues Deutsche Telekom for Congesting Internet Connections (In the News)
12.04.2015 Driverless Cars May Keep The Antitrust Cops Busy (Professional Leadership)
12.04.2015 Stuart Singer and Other Fort Lauderdale Attorneys Named ‘Most Effective Lawyers’ (Recognition)
12.02.2015 The Complexities of Modern Philanthropy and Naming Rights (In the News)
11.30.2015 6 Things Keeping Telecom Attorneys Up At Night (In the News)
11.28.2015 Financial Considerations for Collectors of Art, Antiques and the Esoteric (In the News)
11.18.2015 Partner Scott Wilson Quoted in FCPA Report Series on Customs Corruption Risks (In the News)
11.18.2015 Boies, Schiller & Flexner Earns Top Marks in HRC 2016 Corporate Equality Index (Press Releases)
11.13.2015 Boies, Schiller & Flexner Attorneys Recognized as 2016 Florida’s Best Lawyers (Recognition)
11.10.2015 DOJ Silence Deafening In FCC's Broadband Fight With States (In the News)
11.09.2015 Bill Isaacson, Nick Gravante, and Stuart Singer named Law360 MVPs (Recognition)
11.03.2015 Bill Clinton for Vice President? (In the News)
11.03.2015 Boies, Schiller & Flexner Celebrates 15 Years in South Florida (Press Releases)
11.03.2015 Toll lanes lawsuit allowed to move forward (In the News)
10.30.2015 Three Partners Recognized in 'Who’s Who Legal: Litigation 2015' (Recognition)
10.29.2015 Get Ready for the Next Phase in Cyberattacks (Professional Leadership)
10.29.2015 Mutual fund giant sues real estate mogul: 'Multi-year fraud, cover-up' (In the News)
10.26.2015 American Academy of Pediatrics Honors Stuart Singer and Carl Goldfarb for Florida Medicaid Litigation (Recognition)
10.23.2015 Rick Pocker Joins Law Enforcement Leaders to Reduce Crime and Incarceration (Press Releases)
10.22.2015 Partner Ian Dumain honored by Innocence Project (Recognition)
10.22.2015 Boies, Schiller & Flexner Partner Bill Isaacson Honored for Pro Bono Work (Recognition)
10.20.2015 Discovery in Aid of International Proceedings: Recent Developments in Section 1782 (Professional Leadership)
10.15.2015 Oracle Wins $50M Copyright Infringement Verdict Over Rimini (In the News)
10.09.2015 Google Copyright Suit Vs. Authors Nears Key Chapter (In the News)
10.07.2015 On the Cadillac tax: ‘Dare Greatly’ (Professional Leadership)
10.07.2015 Partner Scott Wilson Quoted in FCPA Report on SEC Settlements (In the News)
10.05.2015 Boies, Schiller & Flexner Attorneys Recognized as New York-Metro Super Lawyers (Recognition)
10.04.2015 Oracle vs. Rimini Street nears finale, but third party maintenance blueprint far from set (In the News)
09.23.2015 Trial Underway in Oracle Case Against Rimini Street (In the News)
09.22.2015 FTC Consent Decrees Are Best Guide to Cybersecurity Policies (Professional Leadership)
09.22.2015 Boies, Schiller & Flexner’s London Office Debuts in Legal 500 Rankings (Press Releases)
09.22.2015 Tech Giants, Advocacy Groups Defend FCC Net Neutrality (In the News)
09.18.2015 Harlan Levy, Schneiderman Deputy, Is Leaving Attorney General’s Office (In the News)
09.18.2015 Jury In Oracle's $1B Copyright Fight To Hear Fair Use First (In the News)
09.17.2015 Levy to Step Down as Chief Deputy AG and Return to Boies Schiller (In the News)
09.17.2015 New York Chief Deputy Attorney General Harlan Levy to Return to Boies, Schiller & Flexner (Press Releases)
09.16.2015 Top NY AG Deputy Returns To Boies Schiller (In the News)
09.14.2015 Melissa Felder Zappala named a Rising Star in D.C. (Recognition)
09.04.2015 Pittsburgh’s largest hospital can’t shake price conspiracy claims (In the News)
09.01.2015 Boies, Schiller & Flexner Attorneys Recognized as Upstate New York Super Lawyers (Recognition)
08.25.2015 Goldman Sachs Hands Over Colombian Coal Mines to Murray (In the News)
08.24.2015 Circuits Split on Class Action Certification Requirements (Professional Leadership)
08.21.2015 The Team’s Name, the Government’s Speech: “Redskins” Trademark Registrations Remain Cancelled (Professional Leadership)
08.11.2015 Industry Moves Closer To 1st FCC Net Neutrality Complaint (In the News)
08.06.2015 Redskins File Notice of Appeal to Fourth Circuit (In the News)
07.31.2015 Internal Investigation Not Protected From Discovery (Professional Leadership)
07.29.2015 Personal Perspective: Cuba's Future is 'Muy Complicado' (Professional Leadership)
07.28.2015 Boies, Schiller & Flexner Inks New D.C. Lease at 1401 New York Avenue (Press Releases)
07.27.2015 Bill Isaacson Named Trial Ace by Law360 (Press Releases)
07.21.2015 Boxing Promoter Faces Tough Fight In Antitrust Suit (Professional Leadership)
07.15.2015 Bergen County Launches First County-Wide Free Broadband Program For Low Income Students (In the News)
07.08.2015 Plaintiffs Ordered to 'Start Over' On Eve of Securities Class Action Trial (In the News)
07.07.2015 Dos and Don’ts Under the SEC Whistleblower Rules (Professional Leadership)
07.06.2015 Nominal Damages Awarded to Lawyer for Ex-Client's Libel Per Se (In the News)
06.30.2015 Top Telecom Attys Rep FCC's Net Neutrality Supporters (In the News)
06.30.2015 Boies, Schiller & Flexner Congratulates Lee Wolosky on his Appointment as Special Envoy for Guantanamo Closure (Press Releases)
06.30.2015 Cogent Communications Holdings Inc. (In the News)
06.29.2015 Boies, Schiller & Flexner Named Washington Litigation Department of the Year Finalist (Press Releases)
06.25.2015 Helen Maher Listed Among Top 250 Women in Litigation (Recognition)
06.19.2015 Three Boies, Schiller & Flexner lawyers win Europe "Women in Business Law" awards (Press Releases)
06.15.2015 Boies, Schiller & Flexner Adds International Disputes Partner in London (Press Releases)
06.09.2015 $663 Million in Penalties for Maker of Guardrail (In the News)
06.09.2015 Boies, Schiller & Flexner Moving New York City Headquarters to 55 Hudson Yards (Press Releases)
06.04.2015 Cogent Says AT&T, DirecTV Deal Poses Congestion Risks (In the News)
06.01.2015 The biggest hurdle for lawyers with disabilities: preconceptions (In the News)
05.31.2015 Boies, Schiller & Flexner LLP Partner Karen Dunn (In the News)
05.26.2015 U.S. Supreme Court Strikes Down Maryland’s Income Tax System (Professional Leadership)
05.21.2015 Boy Scouts president warns that ban on gay leaders threatens organization (In the News)
05.21.2015 Boy Scouts' leader says ban on gay adults not sustainable (In the News)
05.21.2015 Boy Scouts of America president ponders lifting hiring ban for gay adults (In the News)
05.15.2015 Rising Dissent and Lawsuits Pushed Scouts to Change (In the News)
05.14.2015 Boies, Schiller & Flexner Hires Prosecutor Randall Jackson For Global Investigations And White Collar Defense Practice (Press Releases)
05.11.2015 Alanna Rutherford Named a “2015 Rising Star” by New York Law Journal (Recognition)
05.07.2015 Boies, Schiller & Flexner Congratulates Heather King on Joining Theranos as General Counsel (Press Releases)
05.04.2015 High Court Rejects Lehman Petition in Barclays Brawl Read (In the News)
05.03.2015 One More Money Laundering Problem for Banks to Worry About (In the News)
05.01.2015 IRS Interpretation Causes Reefer Madness (In the News)
05.01.2015 AT&T-DirecTV Deal Could Invite Trouble, Cogent Says (In the News)
05.01.2015 FinCEN Employing New Tactics to Combat Money Laundering (Professional Leadership)
05.01.2015 Cameras in the Courtroom: Jonathan Sherman Interview (In the News)
04.30.2015 Comcast’s Bad Connection (In the News)
04.28.2015 VIDEO: SCOTUS hears same-sex marriage arguments (In the News)
04.27.2015 Comcast Pulls Plug On Deal (In the News)
04.23.2015 FCC Resistance Dooms Comcast Deal, Lawyers Say (In the News)
04.23.2015 Boies, Schiller & Flexner Attorneys Recognized as Washington, D.C., Super Lawyers (Recognition)
04.22.2015 Gazprom Accused of Market-Power Abuse to Raise EU Gas Prices (In the News)
04.22.2015 Gazprom Charged With Price Gouging In East Europe, As Russia Cries Foul (In the News)
04.21.2015 Boies, Schiller & Flexner Boosts Corporate Group with Addition of New Partner (Press Releases)
04.21.2015 Boies Nabs O'Melveny Corporate Pro To Grow NY Office (In the News)
04.20.2015 Boies, Schiller & Flexner to Represent Unaccompanied Children in Immigration Proceedings (Press Releases)
04.17.2015 Google faces long battle in EU antitrust case (In the News)
04.17.2015 Karen Dunn and Alanna Rutherford Named Outstanding Women Lawyers (Press Releases)
04.16.2015 Boies, Schiller & Flexner obtains judgment for holders of FCC notes (Press Releases)
04.15.2015 Can European Regulators Take Google Down? (In the News)
04.15.2015 The European Commission Opens Antitrust Investigation Into Google (In the News)
04.15.2015 New Tech Could Challenge EU In Google Antitrust Probe (In the News)
04.06.2015 Hedge Funds and Litigation: A Brave New World (Professional Leadership)
04.01.2015 Unpublished Opinions in Federal Litigation (Professional Leadership)
03.31.2015 Two Boies, Schiller & Flexner Lawyers Named Rising Stars for 2015 (Recognition)
03.25.2015 Steve Zack to Receive Dade County Bar Association’s Highest Award (Recognition)
03.16.2015 Opinion: FCC Doing Its Job — And Well — By Preserving Broadband Competition (Professional Leadership)
03.12.2015 Lessons from the North Carolina Dental Board Decision (Professional Leadership)
03.11.2015 NC Dental Leaves State Boards With Little To Smile About (Professional Leadership)
03.10.2015 How criminal prosecutors investigate violations of the Bank Secrecy Act (Professional Leadership)
03.02.2015 What Net Neutrality Means for Netflix, Xbox and Skype (In the News)
02.26.2015 Dawn Smalls Returns to Boies, Schiller & Flexner as Partner (Press Releases)
02.23.2015 Stop the Data Feeding Frenzy (In the News)
02.18.2015 An Election Mulligan (In the News)
02.11.2015 Two Supreme Court Clerks Join Boies, Schiller & Flexner (Press Releases)
02.06.2015 Finley: 'I Obtained Addresses...NYTHA Could Have Done The Same' (In the News)
02.02.2015 Court Decisions That Set No Precedent (In the News)
01.30.2015 'Dart' and Class Certification Order Jurisdiction (In the News)
01.28.2015 BSF attorney Anne E. Hinds honored for her pro bono work (In the News)
01.28.2015 GOP net neutrality bill is not neutral (In the News)
01.27.2015 Boies, Schiller & Flexner Names Amy Mauser Administrative Partner for its Washington, D.C. Office (Press Releases)
01.22.2015 Preempting Laws That Hurt Municipal Broadband Is Good for Competition—and Net Neutrality (In the News)
01.21.2015 Legal Analysis: Why Abby Wambach And Co. Could Have Beaten FIFA In Court (In the News)
01.19.2015 Power Play: How Obama Is Shaping Policy — and His Legacy — by Pushing for a Faster Internet and Utility Rules for ISPs (In the News)
01.15.2015 Cities cheer Obama's push for municipal broadband (In the News)
01.14.2015 Solicitor-advocates take silk (In the News)
01.14.2015 Boies, Schiller & Flexner Partner Wendy Miles to take Silk (Press Releases)
01.12.2015 Boies, Schiller & Flexner Hires former prosecutors to launch investigations and white collar practice group (Press Releases)
01.06.2015 Finley Protest Moves Forward, Says NYTHA Election ‘Utterly Compromised’ (In the News)
01.05.2015 Deaf Partner at Boies Schiller Overcomes Obstacles (In the News)
01.01.2015 Stephen Zack’s Career as a Trial Attorney Founded on a Passion for Justice (In the News)
01.01.2015 Worth Magazine Monthly Expert Column by BSF Partner Mike Kosnitzky (In the News)
12.31.2014 BSF Attorneys Recognized as Top Lawyers in 2014 London Super Lawyers Magazine (Recognition)
12.31.2014 Florida Medicaid Program Not Providing Children with Federally Guaranteed Rights to Medical and Dental Care (Press Releases)
12.31.2014 BSF Attorneys Recognized as Top Lawyers in 2014 Northern California Super Lawyers Magazine (Recognition)
12.31.2014 BSF Attorneys Recognized as Top Lawyers in 2014 Washington, D.C. Super Lawyers Magazine (Recognition)
12.31.2014 The Madoff Five: History's Greatest Fraud Yields One of the Greatest Legal Slugfests of Our Time (In the News)
12.30.2014 State, County to Split $20M From Salt Mine Settlement (In the News)
12.24.2014 Board of Supervisors approves settlement with AkzoNobel (In the News)
12.19.2014 Consumer-Fraud Suit Over Vegan Mayonnaise Shelved (In the News)
12.18.2014 FCC and FTC Can Co-Exist on Net Neutrality (In the News)
12.18.2014 Unilever Drops False Ad Lawsuit Against Just Mayo (In the News)
12.18.2014 Bill Isaacson and Karen Dunn named “Litigators of the Week” after trial (In the News)
12.18.2014 Hellmann's Maker Drops False Ad Claims Over 'Just Mayo' (In the News)
12.16.2014 Boies, Schiller & Flexner Elects New Partners (Press Releases)
12.14.2014 New Lucerne Opera House Is Back on Track, but Hurdles Remain (In the News)
12.11.2014 Musk’s SpaceX Closer to Certification for Launches, U.S. Says (In the News)
12.10.2014 Apple Lawyers Fighting The Release Of Steve Jobs’ Testimony, Claim The Media Just Wants To See A ‘Dead Man’ (In the News)
12.09.2014 Supreme Court’s Missing Man (In the News)
12.09.2014 CBS Deal Ends Blackout, Litigation Risk for Dish (In the News)
12.09.2014 Former FDA Chief of Staff Joins Boies, Schiller & Flexner (Press Releases)
12.09.2014 Apple trial likely to go on with new plaintiff (In the News)
12.08.2014 CBS Deal Ends Blackout, Litigation Risk for Dish (In the News)
12.01.2014 The Business of Charity (In the News)
11.28.2014 Costs Allocation in Investor-State Arbitration (Professional Leadership)
11.28.2014 Courtney Rockett and Patrick Rohan Appointed District Leaders for the Ninth Judicial Circuit (Professional Leadership)
11.17.2014 Unilever Faces Blowback in Mayonnaise False Ad War (In the News)
11.17.2014 When is an Investment Manager Subject to Self-Employment Tax? (Professional Leadership)
11.13.2014 Obama gets it right on net neutrality (OpEd) (In the News)
11.06.2014 Taking Back the Open Internet (In the News)
11.05.2014 Caught in Insider Trading Crackdown, Ex-Galleon Trader Turns It Around (In the News)
10.24.2014 Warhol Foundation Sues Bodyguard Over Liz Taylor Painting (In the News)
10.20.2014 Guardrail Maker Trinity Industries Liable for Fraud in Texas (In the News)
10.19.2014 Boies, Schiller & Flexner Attorneys Recognized as New York Metro Super Lawyers (Recognition)
10.19.2014 Boies, Schiller & Flexner Attorneys Recognized as Upstate New York Super Lawyers (Recognition)
10.16.2014 Trinity Battles Guardrail Claims as Texas Trial Nears Close (In the News)
10.16.2014 Varied Paths in Life After Galleon, but Few Led to Success (In the News)
10.14.2014 Senate lawyer Joshua Riley returns to Boies, Schiller & Flexner (Press Releases)
10.09.2014 Titans Of The Plaintiffs Bar: Bill Isaacson (In the News)
10.08.2014 Quaker Oats accused of stealing the "face of America's breakfast" (In the News)
09.23.2014 The Explorers Club and Diageo end litigation over Johnnie Walker collection (In the News)
09.22.2014 Diageo, Explorers Club Settle Suit Over Johnnie Walker Line (In the News)
09.21.2014 Diegeo Inks Deal to Exit Johnnie Walker Trademark Row (In the News)
09.15.2014 D.C.'s Rising Stars: KAREN DUNN (In the News)
09.15.2014 Chadbourne, Boies Square Off as U.S. Guards Iran Secrets (In the News)
09.10.2014 Lawyer Limelight: Jonathan Sherman (In the News)
09.04.2014 International Arbitration Lawyer Wendy Miles to Join Boies, Schiller & Flexner in London (Press Releases)
09.02.2014 Morgan Stanley Unit, Lloyd's Dodge $350M Insurance Suit (In the News)
08.19.2014 DeCock: On the surface, it's second-class treatment for women's soccer (In the News)
08.18.2014 Telecom Deals Put Lawyers to Work (In the News)
08.08.2014 O’Bannon v. NCAA: Judge Wilken rules for plaintiffs (In the News)
08.06.2014 The District’s budget autonomy decision could rest on Home Rule Act’s history (In the News)
08.05.2014 NY Judge Bars Sale Of Whiskey Using Explorers Club TM (In the News)
07.23.2014 Trends in Litigation: Crisis Management (Firm Report Summer 2014)
07.23.2014 Boies, Schiller & Flexner in London (Firm Report Summer 2014)
07.23.2014 Litigation Update: Halliburton, NCAA (Firm Report Summer 2014)
07.23.2014 Trends in Corporate Law: Rep and Warranty Insurance (Firm Report Summer 2014)
07.23.2014 Corporate Update: Mongolia, NuStar, YES (Firm Report Summer 2014)
07.23.2014 David Boies: Why I Took the Case (Firm Report Summer 2014)
07.23.2014 Partner Moves (Firm Report Summer 2014)
07.23.2014 Honors and Recognition (Firm Report Summer 2014)
07.23.2014 Split Obamacare Court Rulings Revive Health-Care Debate (In the News)
07.08.2014 Establishing Effective Compliance Programs for Real Estate Borrowers and SPE Covenants (In the News)
07.07.2014 D.C. budget autonomy fight could turn on Home Rule Act’s history (In the News)
07.01.2014 Stephen Zack plugs the ABA’s role in the rule of law during stint as U.N. delegate (In the News)
06.27.2014 David Boies named litigator of the week for Halliburton argument (In the News)
06.27.2014 O’Bannon v. NCAA: Amateurism on trial (In the News)
06.25.2014 Supreme Court upholds Basic v. Levinson (In the News)
06.25.2014 Jonathan Schiller chairs Columbia board of trustees (In the News)
06.20.2014 Amateurism and the N.C.A.A. (In the News)
06.19.2014 President Testifies for Five Hours at O’Bannon Trial (In the News)
06.17.2014 NCAA Suffers Latest Blow with Revealing Emails Introduced as Evidence (In the News)
06.13.2014 30-Year-Old Decision Could Serve as Template for NCAA Antitrust Case (In the News)
06.13.2014 O’Bannon Trial: Former CBS President Backs Up NCAA (In the News)
06.02.2014 No Easy Way to Be Fair on Media Credentials (In the News)
06.01.2014 The 3.8 Percent Solution (In the News)
05.27.2014 Bronx Councilman Is Convicted of Fraud and Loses Seat (In the News)
05.27.2014 Jurors Appreciated Lawyers Work (In the News)
05.25.2014 Madoff Jurors Say Aides Were Bernie’s Willing ‘Soldiers (In the News)
05.07.2014 Family Gives Up Disputed Patent, Ending Trial With Boies' Client (In the News)
04.16.2014 D.C. budget autonomy suit could compel Congress to butt out of District’s finances (In the News)
04.15.2014 In Rare Feat, 2 Patents Emerge Unscathed From AIA Reviews (In the News)
04.01.2014 Finding the Perfect Parking Space (In the News)
04.01.2014 Data Privacy in North America (In the News)
03.25.2014 Jury Decides 5 Employees of Madoff Knew Score (In the News)
03.19.2014 Prince versus Cariou copyright case settled ()
03.18.2014 Richard Prince Settles Copyright Suit With Patrick Cariou Over Photographs ()
03.18.2014 Patrick Cariou Drops Copyright Lawsuit Against Richard Prince ()
03.18.2014 Landmark Copyright Lawsuit Cariou v. Prince is Settled ()
03.18.2014 Richard Prince Settles Copyright Suit With Patrick Cariou Over Photographs (In the News)
03.18.2014 Appropriation Artist Richard Prince Settles Photographer's Lawsuit ()
03.18.2014 Artist Prince, Photographer Cariou Settle Fair Use Feud ()
03.07.2014 Goldman Triumphs Over Marvell Co-Founders’ $300 Million Claims (In the News)
02.19.2014 Ex-Madoff Exec Gets Grilled at Fraud Trial (In the News)
02.17.2014 Boies law firm takes 'vigorous focus' to D.C. (In the News)
02.13.2014 With High-Profile New Partner Karen Dunn, Boies, Schiller Expands Washington Presence (In the News)
02.11.2014 Boies Schiller Expands In D.C. By Hiring Young Legal Superstars (In the News)
02.03.2014 Featured Athlete: Juan Valdivieso (In the News)
02.01.2014 A Tax Lawyer’s Manifesto (In the News)
12.20.2013 AmEx To Spend Up To $79M In Surcharge Suit Settlement (In the News)
12.10.2013 Lawyer Suing Bank of China Brings ‘Private CIA’ to Boies (In the News)
12.10.2013 Six Degrees of Democratic Party Separation (In the News)
12.01.2013 The Real Estate Conundrum (In the News)
11.19.2013 Tobacco Cos. Urge Fla. Appeals Court To Move Engle Case (In the News)
11.19.2013 Muddled Software Patent Law Gives No Guidance, Experts Say (In the News)
10.22.2013 Boies, Schiller & Flexner LLP Receives The 2013 Works For Me Award (Recognition)
10.16.2013 Madoff Employees Lied, Prosecutor Says at Trial (In the News)
09.24.2013 BSF Brings Constitutional Challenge to DC's Tax Lien Foreclosure Laws (In the News)
09.01.2013 54 BSF Attorneys Recognized as Top Lawyers in 2013 Super Lawyers Magazine (Recognition)
08.15.2013 David Boies Named Top Innovator in the Business of Law by American Lawyer (Recognition)
08.14.2013 Charges Against 2 Traders Fault JPMorgan for Lack of Oversight (In the News)
07.10.2013 Multi-Billion Dollar Class Action Filed By BSF For Fannie, Freddie Preferred Shareholders (In the News)
07.09.2013 BSF’s Corporate Group Advises Water Pik in Sale of Majority Stake (In the News)
07.08.2013 BSF Secures TRO for Yankees in Ticket Reselling Dispute with StubHub (In the News)
06.26.2013 US Supreme Court Upholds BSF’s Historic Win Declaring Same-Sex Marriage a Constitutional Right (In the News)
06.13.2013 Dudus Gets His Due (In the News)
06.10.2013 Outstanding Achievement Award to BSF Partner Melissa Felder for Pro Bono Efforts (Recognition)
06.01.2013 In Whom Do You Trust? (In the News)
05.31.2013 Rare Retrial Granted Following BSF’s Second Circuit Arguments for Private Equity Firm Terra Firma (In the News)
05.23.2013 How Supreme Court’s PPL ruling will reduce transaction costs for US multinationals (In the News)
05.19.2013 Powerball winner still hasn't stepped forward (In the News)
05.17.2013 Cannibal cop’ Prosecutor, Son of a Cop, is Rising Star Who Has a Way With Words (In the News)
04.25.2013 BSF Wins Closely Watched Copyright Suit for Appropriation Artist Richard Prince (In the News)
04.12.2013 Chinatown, Not the Film, but the Trial (In the News)
04.04.2013 Justice Eugene Nardelli Joins BSF's Litigation Team Following First Department Tenure (In the News)
04.01.2013 No Guaranties (In the News)
04.01.2013 Net Investment Income Tax Regulations Affecting S Corporations (In the News)
03.25.2013 BSF Chairman David Boies Named to National Law Journal's 100 Most Influential Lawyers List (Recognition)
03.18.2013 'Blown B' Acquisitions of Foreign Targets by U.S. Public Companies (In the News)
03.14.2013 BSF Wins Historic Verdict in Antitrust Case against Chinese Vitamin C Cartel (Firm Report: Winter 2013)
03.08.2013 Global Nutrition Company Herbalife Counseled by BSF on Libelous Accusations (Firm Report: Winter 2013)
03.08.2013 BSF Represents Yankees Entertainment & Sports Network in Sale of Equity Stake to News Corporation (Firm Report: Winter 2013)
03.08.2013 BSF’s Corporate Group Negotiates Joint Venture Deal on behalf of NuStar (Firm Report: Winter 2013)
03.08.2013 BSF Chairman David Boies Presented with Highest Honors from Yale Law School and the American Bar Association (Firm Report: Winter 2013)
03.08.2013 BSF Managing Partner Jonathan Schiller Awarded Columbia’s 2012 Alexander Hamilton Medal (Firm Report: Winter 2013)
03.08.2013 BSF and David Boies in Top Ranks of American Lawyer’s Litigation Department of the Year Award (Firm Report: Winter 2013)
03.08.2013 Nicholas Gravante, Jr. appointed to Departmental Disciplinary Committee for First Judicial Department (Firm Report: Winter 2013)
03.08.2013 BSF in Brief (Firm Report: Winter 2013)
03.08.2013 New Firm Partners in 2012 (Firm Report: Winter 2013)
03.08.2013 New Firm Counsel in 2012 (Firm Report: Winter 2013)
03.08.2013 Barclays Engages Boies, Schiller & Flexner to Defend Against U.S. LIBOR Class Actions (Firm Report: Winter 2013)
03.08.2013 $25 Billion Class Action and Derivative Action Allowed to Proceed Against U.S. Government for 2008 AIG Takeover (Firm Report: Winter 2013)
03.08.2013 BSF Secures Dismissal of Complaint against BNP Paribas and Expands Case against Bank of America (Firm Report: Winter 2013)
03.08.2013 $80 Million Partial Settlement Negotiated by Boies, Schiller & Flexner for Madoff Feeder Fund Investors (Firm Report: Winter 2013)
03.08.2013 Argentine Bondholders See Early Success after Bringing Boies, Schiller & Flexner into Complex Debt Litigation (Firm Report: Winter 2013)
03.08.2013 Successful Settlement Reached Quickly for Clothing Magnate and BSF Client Tory Burch (Firm Report: Winter 2013)
03.05.2013 SCOTUS Agrees to Hear Arguments in Historic Civil Rights Case for Same-Sex Marriage Equality (Firm Report: Winter 2013)
02.21.2013 How the Supreme Court's Decision in the PPL Dispute could Infulence debate on US Territorial tax system (In the News)
02.11.2013 Guatemalteca in Electricity Generator Buy (In the News)
02.11.2013 A Judge’s Wise Words on Disputes in Family-Owned Businesses (In the News)
02.01.2013 KISS or Make Up? (In the News)
12.31.2012 What Defines a Partner? (In the News)
12.13.2012 Lottery Winner Jack Whittaker's Losing Ticket (In the News)
12.12.2012 David Boies Presented with Yale Law School's Award of Merit (Recognition)
11.30.2012 Boies, Schiller & Flexner Makes its Debut on the "Fearsome Foursome" (Recognition)
11.30.2012 The Anti-Defamation League Honors BSF Miami Partner Steve Zack (Recognition)
11.15.2012 BSF Attorneys Negotiate Settlement for Madoff ‘Feeder Fund’ Investors (In the News)
11.12.2012 Six BSF Attorneys Named to New York's Peer-Reviewed "Best Lawyers" 2013 Edition (Recognition)
11.12.2012 BSF Managing Partner Awarded Columbia's 2012 Alexander Hamilton Medal (Recognition)
08.05.2012 Judge in Colorado shooting must decide fair trial versus transparency (In the News)
07.31.2012 Issues in Drafting Arbitration Clauses for Healthcare Contracts (In the News)
07.17.2012 Richard Bettan Recognized by the National LGBT Bar Association (Recognition)
07.11.2012 BSF's Corporate Group Assists in a Joint Venture Deal on behalf of NuStar (In the News)
07.06.2012 Breach of Contract Case Won by BSF for AriZona Iced Tea Co-Owner (In the News)
06.27.2012 Michael Kosnitzky and Keith Blum Named DBR Dealmakers for $15 Million Deal for Steve Wynn (Recognition)
06.27.2012 Unprecedented Settlement Reached in Antitrust Class Action against Chinese Producers of Vitamin C (In the News)
06.26.2012 BSF's Steve Zack Featured in June 2012 Issue of Florida Super Lawyers (Recognition)
06.25.2012 Wall Street Journal Makes Note of Rick Horrow, "pioneer of the business of sports," Joining BSF (In the News)
06.08.2012 BSF Wins Dismissal of Complaint against BNP Paribas and Expansion of Case against Bank of America (In the News)
06.07.2012 Courts Continue to Rule for BSF Client Barclays in Lehman Bankruptcy Deal (In the News)
05.30.2012 Posse and Prietocarrizosa Land Vale"s Columbian Coal Sale (In the News)
05.22.2012 Richard Prince Retains BSF for Appeal in Closely Watched Copyright Suit (In the News)
05.09.2012 Video: Lessons learned from Al Qaeda sting operation (Professional Leadership)
05.07.2012 Past ABA President Stephen N. Zack Voted Chairman of the National Center for Access to Justice at Cardozo Law School (Professional Leadership)
05.03.2012 How to win a US tax dispute (In the News)
05.03.2012 Head of BSF Tax Practice Mike Kosnitzky Comments on Supreme Court Tax Disputes (Professional Leadership)
04.18.2012 New York City Associate Keola Whittaker Featured in Time Out New York (Professional Leadership)
04.18.2012 BSF Presses in Court for Medicaid Improvements in Florida (In the News)
04.08.2012 BSF Places as a Finalist for American Lawyer's Litigation Department of the Year Award (Recognition)
03.23.2012 Video: Gov't can now keep data on people for up to 5 years (Professional Leadership)
02.26.2012 Will the Supreme Court End Affirmative Action? (In the News)
02.14.2012 Video: Israeli Diplomats Targeted in India, Can it Happen in U.S.? (Professional Leadership)
02.09.2012 David Boies and Ted Olson Successfully Argue Historic Case Upholding Marriage as a Constitutional Right (In the News)
02.09.2012 Behind Romney's Bain Retirement Deal (Professional Leadership)
02.08.2012 Lawyers World Magazine Names BSF a Global Top Tier Firm (Recognition)
12.28.2011 Settlement Reached by MBIA in Mortgage-Backed Securities Case Against Morgan Stanley (In the News)

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