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US Supreme Court Upholds BSF’s Historic Win Declaring Same-Sex Marriage a Constitutional Right »
Rare Retrial Granted Following BSF’s Second Circuit Arguments for Private Equity Firm Terra Firma »
BSF Wins Historic Verdict in Antitrust Case against Chinese Vitamin C Cartel »
Courts Continue to Rule for BSF Client Barclays in Lehman Bankruptcy Deal »
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03.16.2015 Opinion: FCC Doing Its Job — And Well — By Preserving Broadband Competition (Professional Leadership)
03.12.2015 Lessons from the North Carolina Dental Board Decision (Professional Leadership)
03.11.2015 NC Dental Leaves State Boards With Little To Smile About (Professional Leadership)
03.10.2015 How criminal prosecutors investigate violations of the Bank Secrecy Act (Professional Leadership)
03.02.2015 What Net Neutrality Means for Netflix, Xbox and Skype (In the News)
02.26.2015 Dawn Smalls Returns to Boies, Schiller & Flexner as Partner (Press Releases)
02.23.2015 Stop the Data Feeding Frenzy (In the News)
02.18.2015 An Election Mulligan (In the News)
02.11.2015 Two Supreme Court Clerks Join Boies, Schiller & Flexner (Press Releases)
02.06.2015 Finley: 'I Obtained Addresses...NYTHA Could Have Done The Same' (In the News)
02.02.2015 Court Decisions That Set No Precedent (In the News)
01.30.2015 'Dart' and Class Certification OrderJurisdiction (In the News)
01.28.2015 GOP net neutrality bill is not neutral (In the News)
01.28.2015 BSF attorney Anne E. Hinds honored for her pro bono work (In the News)
01.27.2015 Boies, Schiller & Flexner Names Amy Mauser Administrative Partner for its Washington, D.C. Office (Press Releases)
01.22.2015 Preempting Laws That Hurt Municipal Broadband Is Good for Competition—and Net Neutrality (In the News)
01.21.2015 Legal Analysis: Why Abby Wambach And Co. Could Have Beaten FIFA In Court (In the News)
01.19.2015 Power Play: How Obama Is Shaping Policy — and His Legacy — by Pushing for a Faster Internet and Utility Rules for ISPs (In the News)
01.15.2015 Cities cheer Obama's push for municipal broadband (In the News)
01.14.2015 Boies, Schiller & Flexner Partner Wendy Miles to take Silk (Press Releases)
01.14.2015 Solicitor-advocates take silk (In the News)
01.12.2015 Boies, Schiller & Flexner Hires former prosecutors to launch investigations and white collar practice group (Press Releases)
01.06.2015 Finley Protest Moves Forward, Says NYTHA Election ‘Utterly Compromised’ (In the News)
01.05.2015 Deaf Partner at Boies Schiller Overcomes Obstacles (In the News)
01.01.2015 Worth Magazine Monthly Expert Column by BSF Partner Mike Kosnitzky (In the News)
01.01.2015 Stephen Zack’s Career as a Trial Attorney Founded on a Passion for Justice (In the News)
12.31.2014 The Madoff Five: History's Greatest Fraud Yields One of the Greatest Legal Slugfests of Our Time (In the News)
12.31.2014 Florida Medicaid Program Not Providing Children with Federally Guaranteed Rights to Medical and Dental Care (Press Releases)
12.30.2014 State, County to Split $20M From Salt Mine Settlement (In the News)
12.24.2014 Board of Supervisors approves settlement with AkzoNobel (In the News)
12.19.2014 Consumer-Fraud Suit Over Vegan Mayonnaise Shelved (In the News)
12.18.2014 Unilever Drops False Ad Lawsuit Against Just Mayo (In the News)
12.18.2014 Litigators of the Week: William Isaacson and Karen Dunn (In the News)
12.18.2014 FCC and FTC Can Co-Exist on Net Neutrality (In the News)
12.17.2014 Litigators of the Week: Bill Isaacson and Karen Dunn (In the News)
12.16.2014 Boies, Schiller & Flexner Elects New Partners (Press Releases)
12.14.2014 New Lucerne Opera House Is Back on Track, but Hurdles Remain (In the News)
12.11.2014 Musk’s SpaceX Closer to Certification for Launches, U.S. Says (In the News)
12.09.2014 Supreme Court’s Missing Man (In the News)
12.09.2014 CBS Deal Ends Blackout, Litigation Risk for Dish (In the News)
12.09.2014 Former FDA Chief of Staff Joins Boies, Schiller & Flexner (Press Releases)
12.01.2014 The Business of Charity (In the News)
11.28.2014 Courtney Rockett and Patrick Rohan Appointed District Leaders for the Ninth Judicial Circuit (Professional Leadership)
11.28.2014 Costs Allocation in Investor-State Arbitration (Professional Leadership)
11.17.2014 Unilever Faces Blowback in Mayonnaise False Ad War (In the News)
11.13.2014 Obama gets it right on net neutrality (OpEd) (In the News)
11.06.2014 Taking Back the Open Internet (In the News)
11.05.2014 Caught in Insider Trading Crackdown, Ex-Galleon Trader Turns It Around (In the News)
10.24.2014 Warhol Foundation Sues Bodyguard Over Liz Taylor Painting (In the News)
10.20.2014 Guardrail Maker Trinity Industries Liable for Fraud in Texas (In the News)
10.16.2014 Trinity Battles Guardrail Claims as Texas Trial Nears Close (In the News)
10.16.2014 Varied Paths in Life After Galleon, but Few Led to Success (In the News)
10.14.2014 Senate lawyer Joshua Riley returns to Boies, Schiller & Flexner (Press Releases)
10.09.2014 Titans Of The Plaintiffs Bar: Bill Isaacson (In the News)
10.08.2014 Quaker Oats accused of stealing the "face of America's breakfast" (In the News)
09.21.2014 Diegeo Inks Deal to Exit Johnnie Walker Trademark Row (In the News)
09.15.2014 The National Law Journal: D.C.'s Rising Stars: KAREN DUNN (In the News)
09.15.2014 Chadbourne, Boies Square Off as U.S. Guards Iran Secrets (In the News)
09.10.2014 Lawyer Limelight: Jonathan Sherman (In the News)
09.04.2014 International Arbitration Lawyer Wendy Miles to Join Boies, Schiller & Flexner in London (Press Releases)
09.02.2014 Morgan Stanley Unit, Lloyd's Dodge $350M Insurance Suit (In the News)
08.19.2014 DeCock: On the surface, it's second-class treatment for women's soccer (In the News)
08.18.2014 Telecom Deals Put Lawyers to Work (In the News)
08.08.2014 O’Bannon v. NCAA: Judge Wilken rules for plaintiffs (In the News)
08.06.2014 The District’s budget autonomy decision could rest on Home Rule Act’s history (In the News)
07.23.2014 Trends in Litigation: Crisis Management (Firm Report Summer 2014)
07.23.2014 Boies, Schiller & Flexner in London (Firm Report Summer 2014)
07.23.2014 Litigation Update: Halliburton, NCAA (Firm Report Summer 2014)
07.23.2014 Trends in Corporate Law: Rep and Warranty Insurance (Firm Report Summer 2014)
07.23.2014 Corporate Update: Mongolia, NuStar, YES (Firm Report Summer 2014)
07.23.2014 David Boies: Why I Took the Case (Firm Report Summer 2014)
07.23.2014 Partner Moves (Firm Report Summer 2014)
07.23.2014 Honors and Recognition (Firm Report Summer 2014)
07.23.2014 Split Obamacare Court Rulings Revive Health-Care Debate (In the News)
07.08.2014 Establishing Effective Compliance Programs for Real Estate Borrowers and SPE Covenants (In the News)
07.07.2014 D.C. budget autonomy fight could turn on Home Rule Act’s history (In the News)
07.01.2014 Stephen Zack plugs the ABA’s role in the rule of law during stint as U.N. delegate (In the News)
06.27.2014 O’Bannon v. NCAA: Amateurism on trial (In the News)
06.27.2014 David Boies named litigator of the week for Halliburton argument (In the News)
06.25.2014 Jonathan Schiller chairs Columbia board of trustees (In the News)
06.25.2014 Supreme Court upholds Basic v. Levinson (In the News)
06.20.2014 Amateurism and the N.C.A.A. (In the News)
06.19.2014 President Testifies for Five Hours at O’Bannon Trial (In the News)
06.17.2014 NCAA Suffers Latest Blow with Revealing Emails Introduced as Evidence (In the News)
06.13.2014 O’Bannon Trial: Former CBS President Backs Up NCAA (In the News)
06.13.2014 30-Year-Old Decision Could Serve as Template for NCAA Antitrust Case (In the News)
06.02.2014 No Easy Way to Be Fair on Media Credentials (In the News)
06.01.2014 The 3.8 Percent Solution (In the News)
05.07.2014 Family Gives Up Disputed Patent, Ending Trial With Boies' Client (In the News)
04.16.2014 It will take a lawsuit to determine if the District can manage its own budget (In the News)
04.15.2014 In Rare Feat, 2 Patents Emerge Unscathed From AIA Reviews (In the News)
04.01.2014 Finding the Perfect Parking Space (In the News)
04.01.2014 Data Privacy in North America (In the News)
03.25.2014 Jury Decides 5 Employees of Madoff Knew Score (In the News)
03.19.2014 Prince versus Cariou copyright case settled ()
03.18.2014 Richard Prince Settles Copyright Suit With Patrick Cariou Over Photographs ()
03.18.2014 Patrick Cariou Drops Copyright Lawsuit Against Richard Prince ()
03.18.2014 Landmark Copyright Lawsuit Cariou v. Prince is Settled ()
03.18.2014 Richard Prince Settles Copyright Suit With Patrick Cariou Over Photographs (In the News)
03.18.2014 Appropriation Artist Richard Prince Settles Photographer's Lawsuit ()
03.18.2014 Artist Prince, Photographer Cariou Settle Fair Use Feud ()
03.07.2014 Goldman Triumphs Over Marvell Co-Founders’ $300 Million Claims (In the News)
02.17.2014 Boies law firm takes 'vigorous focus' to D.C. (In the News)
02.13.2014 With High-Profile New Partner Karen Dunn, Boies, Schiller Expands Washington Presence (In the News)
02.11.2014 Boies Schiller Expands In D.C. By Hiring Young Legal Superstars (In the News)
02.03.2014 Featured Athlete: Juan Valdivieso (In the News)
02.01.2014 A Tax Lawyer’s Manifesto (In the News)
12.20.2013 AmEx To Spend Up To $79M In Surcharge Suit Settlement (In the News)
12.10.2013 Six Degrees of Democratic Party Separation (In the News)
12.10.2013 Lawyer Suing Bank of China Brings ‘Private CIA’ to Boies (In the News)
12.01.2013 The Real Estate Conundrum (In the News)
11.19.2013 Muddled Software Patent Law Gives No Guidance, Experts Say (In the News)
11.19.2013 Tobacco Cos. Urge Fla. Appeals Court To Move Engle Case (In the News)
10.22.2013 Boies, Schiller & Flexner LLP Receives The 2013 Works For Me Award (Recognition)
10.16.2013 Madoff Employees Lied, Prosecutor Says at Trial (In the News)
09.24.2013 BSF Brings Constitutional Challenge to DC's Tax Lien Foreclosure Laws (In the News)
09.01.2013 54 BSF Attorneys Recognized as Top Lawyers in 2013 Super Lawyers Magazine (Recognition)
08.15.2013 David Boies Named Top Innovator in the Business of Law by American Lawyer (Recognition)
08.14.2013 Charges Against 2 Traders Fault JPMorgan for Lack of Oversight (In the News)
07.10.2013 Multi-Billion Dollar Class Action Filed By BSF For Fannie, Freddie Preferred Shareholders (In the News)
07.09.2013 BSF’s Corporate Group Advises Water Pik in Sale of Majority Stake (In the News)
07.08.2013 BSF Secures TRO for Yankees in Ticket Reselling Dispute with StubHub (In the News)
06.13.2013 Dudus Gets His Due (In the News)
06.10.2013 Outstanding Achievement Award to BSF Partner Melissa Felder for Pro Bono Efforts (Recognition)
06.01.2013 In Whom Do You Trust? (In the News)
05.23.2013 How Supreme Court’s PPL ruling will reduce transaction costs for US multinationals (In the News)
05.19.2013 Powerball winner still hasn't stepped forward (In the News)
04.25.2013 BSF Wins Closely Watched Copyright Suit for Appropriation Artist Richard Prince (In the News)
04.04.2013 Justice Eugene Nardelli Joins BSF's Litigation Team Following First Department Tenure (In the News)
04.01.2013 Net Investment Income Tax Regulations Affecting S Corporations (In the News)
04.01.2013 No Guaranties (In the News)
03.25.2013 BSF Chairman David Boies Named to National Law Journal's 100 Most Influential Lawyers List (Recognition)
03.18.2013 'Blown B' Acquisitions of Foreign Targets by U.S. Public Companies (In the News)
03.08.2013 Successful Settlement Reached Quickly for Clothing Magnate and BSF Client Tory Burch (Firm Report: Winter 2013)
03.08.2013 Global Nutrition Company Herbalife Counseled by BSF on Libelous Accusations (Firm Report: Winter 2013)
03.08.2013 BSF Represents Yankees Entertainment & Sports Network in Sale of Equity Stake to News Corporation (Firm Report: Winter 2013)
03.08.2013 BSF’s Corporate Group Negotiates Joint Venture Deal on behalf of NuStar (Firm Report: Winter 2013)
03.08.2013 BSF Chairman David Boies Presented with Highest Honors from Yale Law School and the American Bar Association (Firm Report: Winter 2013)
03.08.2013 BSF Managing Partner Jonathan Schiller Awarded Columbia’s 2012 Alexander Hamilton Medal (Firm Report: Winter 2013)
03.08.2013 BSF and David Boies in Top Ranks of American Lawyer’s Litigation Department of the Year Award (Firm Report: Winter 2013)
03.08.2013 Nicholas Gravante, Jr. appointed to Departmental Disciplinary Committee for First Judicial Department (Firm Report: Winter 2013)
03.08.2013 BSF in Brief (Firm Report: Winter 2013)
03.08.2013 New Firm Partners in 2012 (Firm Report: Winter 2013)
03.08.2013 New Firm Counsel in 2012 (Firm Report: Winter 2013)
03.08.2013 Barclays Engages Boies, Schiller & Flexner to Defend Against U.S. LIBOR Class Actions (Firm Report: Winter 2013)
03.08.2013 $25 Billion Class Action and Derivative Action Allowed to Proceed Against U.S. Government for 2008 AIG Takeover (Firm Report: Winter 2013)
03.08.2013 BSF Secures Dismissal of Complaint against BNP Paribas and Expands Case against Bank of America (Firm Report: Winter 2013)
03.08.2013 $80 Million Partial Settlement Negotiated by Boies, Schiller & Flexner for Madoff Feeder Fund Investors (Firm Report: Winter 2013)
03.08.2013 Argentine Bondholders See Early Success after Bringing Boies, Schiller & Flexner into Complex Debt Litigation (Firm Report: Winter 2013)
03.05.2013 SCOTUS Agrees to Hear Arguments in Historic Civil Rights Case for Same-Sex Marriage Equality (Firm Report: Winter 2013)
02.21.2013 How the Supreme Court's Decision in the PPL Dispute could Infulence debate on US Territorial tax system (In the News)
02.11.2013 A Judge’s Wise Words on Disputes in Family-Owned Businesses (In the News)
02.11.2013 Guatemalteca in Electricity Generator Buy (In the News)
02.01.2013 KISS or Make Up? (In the News)
12.31.2012 What Defines a Partner? (In the News)
12.13.2012 Lottery Winner Jack Whittaker's Losing Ticket (In the News)
12.12.2012 David Boies Presented with Yale Law School's Award of Merit (Recognition)
11.30.2012 The Anti-Defamation League Honors BSF Miami Partner Steve Zack (Recognition)
11.30.2012 Boies, Schiller & Flexner Makes its Debut on the "Fearsome Foursome" (Recognition)
11.15.2012 BSF Attorneys Negotiate Settlement for Madoff ‘Feeder Fund’ Investors (In the News)
11.12.2012 BSF Managing Partner Awarded Columbia's 2012 Alexander Hamilton Medal (Recognition)
11.12.2012 Six BSF Attorneys Named to New York's Peer-Reviewed "Best Lawyers" 2013 Edition (Recognition)
08.05.2012 Judge in Colorado shooting must decide fair trial versus transparency (In the News)
07.31.2012 Issues in Drafting Arbitration Clauses for Healthcare Contracts (In the News)
07.17.2012 Richard Bettan Recognized by the National LGBT Bar Association (Recognition)
07.11.2012 BSF's Corporate Group Assists in a Joint Venture Deal on behalf of NuStar (In the News)
07.06.2012 Breach of Contract Case Won by BSF for AriZona Iced Tea Co-Owner (In the News)
06.27.2012 Unprecedented Settlement Reached in Antitrust Class Action against Chinese Producers of Vitamin C (In the News)
06.27.2012 Michael Kosnitzky and Keith Blum Named DBR Dealmakers for $15 Million Deal for Steve Wynn (Recognition)
06.26.2012 BSF's Steve Zack Featured in June 2012 Issue of Florida Super Lawyers (Recognition)
06.25.2012 Wall Street Journal Makes Note of Rick Horrow, "pioneer of the business of sports," Joining BSF (In the News)
06.08.2012 BSF Wins Dismissal of Complaint against BNP Paribas and Expansion of Case against Bank of America (In the News)
05.30.2012 Posse and Prietocarrizosa Land Vale"s Columbian Coal Sale (In the News)
05.22.2012 Richard Prince Retains BSF for Appeal in Closely Watched Copyright Suit (In the News)
05.09.2012 Video: Lessons learned from Al Qaeda sting operation (Professional Leadership)
05.07.2012 Past ABA President Stephen N. Zack Voted Chairman of the National Center for Access to Justice at Cardozo Law School (Professional Leadership)
05.03.2012 Head of BSF Tax Practice Mike Kosnitzky Comments on Supreme Court Tax Disputes (Professional Leadership)
05.03.2012 How to win a US tax dispute (In the News)
04.18.2012 BSF Presses in Court for Medicaid Improvements in Florida (In the News)
04.18.2012 New York City Associate Keola Whittaker Featured in Time Out New York (Professional Leadership)
04.08.2012 BSF Places as a Finalist for American Lawyer's Litigation Department of the Year Award (Recognition)
03.23.2012 Video: Gov't can now keep data on people for up to 5 years (Professional Leadership)
02.26.2012 Will the Supreme Court End Affirmative Action? (In the News)
02.14.2012 Video: Israeli Diplomats Targeted in India, Can it Happen in U.S.? (Professional Leadership)
02.09.2012 Behind Romney's Bain Retirement Deal (Professional Leadership)
02.09.2012 David Boies and Ted Olson Successfully Argue Historic Case Upholding Marriage as a Constitutional Right (In the News)
02.08.2012 Lawyers World Magazine Names BSF a Global Top Tier Firm (Recognition)
12.28.2011 Settlement Reached by MBIA in Mortgage-Backed Securities Case Against Morgan Stanley (In the News)
11.22.2011 $25 Billion Class Action Brought Against U.S. Government Regarding 2008 AIG Takeover (In the News)
11.22.2011 Antitrust Class Action Suit Filed by BSF on Behalf of NBA Players (In the News)
11.05.2011 BSF Partner Lee Wolosky Comments on Trial of Convicted Arms Dealer Viktor Bout (Professional Leadership)
10.25.2011 Guide to Corporate Blockers (In the News)
10.21.2011 Harvard Art Museums Receive Gift of Outsider Art from Didi and David Barrett (In the News)
10.03.2011 Former Dade County Bar Association President Leaves Legacy of Esteemed Service (Recognition)
10.03.2011 National Law Journal Recognizes BSF's Successful Plaintiff Work on Behalf of Oracle and Others (Recognition)
09.15.2011 Judges to Judges: Stop Sealing Cases (In the News)
09.07.2011 Lehman asks US judge for $500 mln Barclays payback (In the News)
08.24.2011 Deutsche Bank Set to Proceed with $10 Billion Mortgage-Backed Securities Litigation (In the News)
08.10.2011 After Trial, Delaware Court Rules that Hedge Fund Breached Fiduciary Duties to BSF Client Lerner Master Fund (In the News)
08.08.2011 Lawyers "Get in the Way" to Protect Liberty (Professional Leadership)
08.08.2011 Chairman David Boies Receives American Bar Association's Highest Honor (Recognition)
08.07.2011 O'Connor: Lawyers & Judges Need to Wake Up to Judicial Funding Threat, Prep for Political Battle (Professional Leadership)
08.07.2011 American Bar Association Annual Meeting 2011 Opening Remarks: Steve Zack (Professional Leadership)
08.07.2011 First Hispanic to head ABA reflects on tenure (Professional Leadership)
08.06.2011 Our justice system has been cut to the bone (Professional Leadership)
08.06.2011 ABA President Calls for Return to Civility; Breyer Notes Justices Don’t Raise Voices in Chambers (Professional Leadership)
08.01.2011 Digital debrief: ABA leader gives closing arguments before departure (Professional Leadership)
08.01.2011 With Oracle and Dodgers Waiting, Boies Not Ready to Retire (In the News)
07.29.2011 Marilyn C. Kunstler, Esquire, to Receive 2011 American Inns of Court Professionalism Award for the Second Circuit (Recognition)
07.27.2011 BSF Represents National Football League in Resolution of Labor Dispute with Players Association (In the News)
07.21.2011 Court Dismisses Billion Dollar Securities Fraud Action Against BSF Client Goldman Sachs (In the News)
07.14.2011 Stand Against Steps to Shortcut Justice (Professional Leadership)
06.19.2011 Keith Blum of BSF's Tax Group Provides Details on Deadline Extension for FBAR Relief (In the News)
06.16.2011 Editorial: Can Justice Be Bought? (Professional Leadership)
06.13.2011 Shareholder Derivative Action Filed by BSF Against CEO of Modell's Sporting Goods (In the News)
06.10.2011 Chambers Ranks BSF in Antitrust, Litigation, International Arbitration and Tax (Recognition)
06.07.2011 BSF Partners with KIND Project to Provide Pro Bono Services for Young Asylum Seekers (In the News)
06.06.2011 When rights collide with responsibilities (In the News)
06.06.2011 Billion Dollar Lawsuit Against Chiquita Brands International Survives Motion to Dismiss (In the News)
06.06.2011 Unanimous U.S. Supreme Court Ruling Gives Green Light to Federal Securities Class Action (In the News)
06.02.2011 Pro Bono Attorney of the Year Awarded to BSF Partner Bruce A. Weil (Recognition)
06.01.2011 Legal 500 Recognizes BSF for Antitrust, Mass Tort, and International Arbitration Work (Recognition)
05.25.2011 BSF Expands Practice in Southern California (In the News)
05.19.2011 LOOKING FOR HELP: ABA task force builds its case to broaden support for cash-strapped courts (Professional Leadership)
05.07.2011 Anne Hinds Recognized for Juvenile Advocacy Work (Recognition)
04.28.2011 Donation for a Lucerne Opera House Is in Dispute (In the News)
04.15.2011 Former Galleon Group Employees Represented by BSF in Connection with Insider Trading Investigations (In the News)
04.14.2011 Stephen Zack: Revamping Supreme Court is a recipe for dysfunction (Professional Leadership)
04.13.2011 BSF Reaches Favorable Settlement for Plaintiffs for In re Scrap Metal (In the News)
04.04.2011 David Boies Described as Star Lawyer by NYT in Coverage of Firm Client N.F.L. (In the News)
04.01.2011 David Sokol Seen as Showing Poor Judgment Without Violating Laws (In the News)
03.29.2011 Plaintiffs Drop All Charges Against BSF Client The Andy Warhol Foundation; Settlement Reached (In the News)
03.09.2011 Eighteen BSF Attorneys Named 2011 Super Lawyers (Recognition)
03.08.2011 After a Decade of Antitrust Litigation, An Extra-Sweet Victory for Fresh Del Monte (Firm Report Spring 2011)
03.08.2011 BSF Represents salesforce in Multidistrict Patent Litigation (Firm Report Spring 2011)
03.08.2011 BSF Represents Real Estate Developer Extell in Dispute Over Typo (Firm Report Spring 2011)
03.08.2011 BSF Seeks Damages for Colombian Terrorism Victims (Firm Report Spring 2011)
03.08.2011 Litigation Notes (Firm Report Spring 2011)
03.08.2011 BSF Represents Caithness in Completion of Financing for World's Largest Wind Farm (Firm Report Spring 2011)
03.08.2011 Legal Obstacles Overcome, $200M Deal Closed for Client Goldman Sachs (Firm Report Spring 2011)
03.08.2011 BSF Represents Inkafarma in Sale to Interbank Group (Firm Report Spring 2011)
03.08.2011 BSF Advises on Merger Resulting in Largest Realtor Association in the U.S. (Firm Report Spring 2011)
03.08.2011 Justice for All: Fighting to Protect the Courts from Attacks (Firm Report Spring 2011)
03.08.2011 BSF's 2010-2011 Recruiting Highlights (Firm Report Spring 2011)
03.08.2011 Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Hears Argument in Historic Civil Rights Case (Firm Report Spring 2011)
03.08.2011 Political Asylum Secured by BSF for Threatened Youths (Firm Report Spring 2011)
03.08.2011 BSF and the American Civil Liberties Union: Project Human Cost (Firm Report Spring 2011)
03.08.2011 BSF Partner Harlan Levy Named Chief Deputy to NY Attorney General (Firm Report Spring 2011)
03.08.2011 A Conversation with BSF Partner Robert Leung (Firm Report Spring 2011)
03.08.2011 A Conversation with BSF Associate Nasrina Bargzie (Firm Report Spring 2011)
03.08.2011 BSF Wins Landmark $1.3 Billion Copyright Infringement Verdict for Oracle (Firm Report Spring 2011)
03.08.2011 BSF Wins Court Battle for Barclays in Lehman Purchase Suit (Firm Report Spring 2011)
03.08.2011 BSF to Spearhead Defense of American Express in DOJ Suit (Firm Report Spring 2011)
03.08.2011 Supreme Court Grants BSF's Cert Petition in Securities Case (Firm Report Spring 2011)
03.08.2011 In Warhol Art Case, BSF's Defense is a Good Offense (Firm Report Spring 2011)
02.25.2011 Litigator of the Week: Jonathan Schiller of Boies, Schiller & Flexner (Recognition)
02.18.2011 WATCH: Interview with ABA President Stephen Zack (Professional Leadership)
02.14.2011 WATCH: Stephen Zack’s speech to the ABA House of Delegates - "Equal Justice Under Law" (Professional Leadership)
02.10.2011 Task Force on Preservation of the Justice System (Professional Leadership)
02.07.2011 $155 Million Settlement Reached for BSF Client in Federal Case Against Quixtar (Amway) (In the News)
02.02.2011 Peru's Interbank Adds To Retail Portfolio (In the News)
02.02.2011 BSF Brings Charges of Negligence Against Power Tool Companies (In the News)
12.29.2010 Materiality And Statistical Significance Explained -- Co-Authored by BSF Associate Frederick Lee (In the News)
12.10.2010 BSF Wins Dismissal of Pineapple Antitrust Case for Client Del Monte (In the News)
12.06.2010 Ten years after Bush v Gore, the court system's independence is under political attack (Professional Leadership)
12.06.2010 BSF Associate Named Most Effective Pro Bono Lawyer in South Florida (Recognition)
12.02.2010 BSF Wins Largest Damages Verdict Ever Awarded For Copyright Infringement in Oracle v SAP (In the News)
11.17.2010 Harlan Levy Selected by Incoming NY Attny General to Chair Transition Committee (Recognition)
11.11.2010 LISTEN: The Power of Civic Education [podcast with Stephen Zack] (Professional Leadership)
11.10.2010 WATCH: Hispanic Legal Rights and Responsibilities -- First Public Hearing (Professional Leadership)
11.08.2010 Waving a Red Flag (Professional Leadership)
11.01.2010 Fortune Magazine Profiles BSF Chairman David Boies (In the News)
11.01.2010 BSF Defends Proskauer Rose LLP in Malpractice Action (In the News)
11.01.2010 In The Name Of The Law (Stephen Zack feature story) (In the News)
10.02.2010 New Yorker Festival: Gay Marriage and the Law (In the News)
09.20.2010 ABA President Zack: Renew Your Commitment to the Constitution (Professional Leadership)
09.17.2010 Alanna Rutherford Receives “Women on Top” Award from Marie Claire (Recognition)
09.07.2010 Magda Jimenez Train Selected for Participation in the Executive Leadership Program for Latina Lawyers (Professional Leadership)
08.25.2010 Boies, Schiller & Flexner Represents in Successful Resolution of Patent Dispute With Microsoft (In the News)
08.10.2010 Stephen Zack Becomes American Bar Association President (Professional Leadership)
08.10.2010 Miami Attorney Making History as New ABA Head (Professional Leadership)
08.09.2010 Stephen Zack Investiture - Acceptance Speech (Professional Leadership)
08.09.2010 American Bar Association to study Hispanic legal issues (Professional Leadership)
08.09.2010 Q&A: New ABA President Stephen Zack (Professional Leadership)
08.09.2010 Miami attorney takes helm of the ABA (Professional Leadership)
08.03.2010 BSF Plays Integral Role in Merger Resulting in the Largest Realtor Association in United States (In the News)
08.02.2010 What price justice? (Professional Leadership)
08.02.2010 Counsel Anne Hinds Promotes Legal Education Through ‘Justice Teaching’ Program (Recognition)
08.01.2010 Raise the Learning Curve (Professional Leadership)
07.28.2010 Firm Chairman David Boies Named Global Litigation Lawyer of the Year (Recognition)
07.23.2010 Partner Steve Davis Installed as President of the Dade County Bar Association (Professional Leadership)
07.23.2010 Partner Lee Wolosky Appointed to ABA’s Standing Committee on Law and National Security (Professional Leadership)
07.23.2010 BSF Partner Marilyn Kunstler Named Chair of Flagship NY City Bar Committee (Recognition)
07.16.2010 Steve Zack Honored as a Legal Legend (Recognition)
07.14.2010 BSF Partner Lee Wolosky Advocates for Legal Reform to Curtail Financial Support to Terrorist Organizations (In the News)
07.08.2010 UF Law grads lead state and national bar (Professional Leadership)
07.06.2010 American Lawyer Pro Bono Report Features Boies, Schiller & Flexner's Haiti Relief Efforts (Recognition)
07.05.2010 Partner Carl Goldfarb Elected as President of the Florida Immigrant Advocacy Center (Recognition)
07.01.2010 BSF Achieves Highest Rank for Up-and-Comers in AmLaw’s 2010 A-List (Recognition)
06.27.2010 Six BSF Attorneys Named to the 2010 Florida Legal Elite (Recognition)
06.17.2010 BSF Assumes Lead Role in Emerging Legal Matters Arising from the Bernard Madoff Ponzi Scheme (In the News)
06.07.2010 Chambers Awards: BSF Attorneys Named as Leaders in Their Fields (Recognition)
05.27.2010 BSF Sues NCAA on Behalf of Former Student Athletes (In the News)
05.25.2010 BSF Retained As Litigation Counsel On Behalf of Bondholders of Failed Bank, Washington Mutual (In the News)
05.18.2010 Federal court agrees with BSF and grants NASCAR's motion to dismiss Jeremy Mayfield's Claims (In the News)
05.18.2010 12 Attorneys from Boies, Schiller & Flexner Named to Lawdragon 500 Leading Lawyers in America (Recognition)
05.15.2010 BSF Providing Ongoing Aid to People of Haiti (In the News)
05.12.2010 ABA head to speak at Florida Coastal (Professional Leadership)
05.12.2010 New ABA president, a UF grad, sees a 'justice gap' (Professional Leadership)
05.10.2010 BSF Brings Antitrust Claims Against Seed Giant Monsanto (In the News)
05.06.2010 Grau and Echecopar Close New Antamina Loan (In the News)
05.01.2010 BSF Achieves National and Individual Recognition in Peer-Reviewed "Best Lawyers" Rankings (Recognition)
04.20.2010 BSF Provides Legal Services and Expert Opinion on Matters Related to the Global Credit Crisis (In the News)
04.01.2010 At Law Firms, Reconsidering the Model for Associates’ Pay (In the News)
04.01.2010 Feature Stories Examining BSF's Business Model Declare it a Success and "built for the times" (In the News)
04.01.2010 Sixteen BSF Attorneys Named 2010 New York Super Lawyers -- Metro Edition (Recognition)
04.01.2010 Five BSF Attorneys Named 2010 Northern California Super Lawyers (Recognition)
04.01.2010 Two BSF Attorneys Named 2010 Washington DC Super Lawyers (Recognition)
04.01.2010 Eleven BSF Attorneys Named 2010 Florida Super Lawyers (Recognition)
04.01.2010 Two BSF Attorneys Named 2010 Mountain States Super Lawyers (Recognition)
04.01.2010 BSF Partner Named 2010 Upstate New York Super Lawyers (Recognition)
03.30.2010 BSF Advises Starr International in Sale of AIG Stock (In the News)
02.15.2010 Zack to tout civics as ABA president (Professional Leadership)
02.06.2010 Honor the Tradition the ABA has in Fighting for Diversity: ABA President-Elect Stephen N. Zack. (Professional Leadership)
02.01.2010 A Business Case for Diversity at Boies, Schiller & Flexner LLP (In the News)
01.28.2010 BSF Wins Complete Dismissal of $43 Million Lawsuit Against New York Yankees Owner George Steinbrenner (In the News)
01.20.2010 WalMex Moves into Central America (In the News)
01.18.2010 Goldman Sachs Buys Mining Assets in Columbia (In the News)
01.14.2010 Podcast: Meet President-Elect of the American Bar Association: Stephen N. Zack (Professional Leadership)
01.01.2010 Stephen Zack, Incoming ABA President, Sets Agenda (Professional Leadership)
12.28.2009 BSF Provides Defense for America's Cup US Challenger (In the News)
12.21.2009 BSF Successfully Defends NASCAR in Sixth Circuit Appeal (In the News)
12.20.2009 BSF's Ongoing Effort to Open Federal Courts to Cameras and the Internet Continues to Make Unprecedented Gains (In the News)
12.16.2009 ABA President-Elect to Address California Western School Of Law At Graduation Ceremony (Professional Leadership)
12.15.2009 BSF Retained by Galleon in Connection with Insider Trading Probe (In the News)
12.09.2009 Stephen N. Zack: Future depends on civics (Professional Leadership)
12.07.2009 Boies, Schiller & Flexner Commences Trial to Enforce Federal Medicaid Rights for Children (Press Releases)
12.07.2009 Boies, Schiller & Flexner Brings On Former Head of DOJ Criminal Division (Press Releases)
12.07.2009 Most Effective Lawyers: Class Actions ‘Produce lawyer,’ colleagues prevailed in Fresh Del Monte case (Recognition)
12.05.2009 David Boies and Ted Olson Team Up to Challenge Proposition 8 (In the News)
12.01.2009 Notoriety for Notarios (Professional Leadership)
11.27.2009 BSF Wins $4.3 Billion Court Battle & Settles All Remaining Legal Disputes for Client Starr International (In the News)
11.05.2009 BSF Represents Money Manager Bruce Sherman in Securities Fraud Action Against Bear Stearns (In the News)
10.21.2009 BSF Partner Sigrid S. McCawley Recognized in Gold Coast Magazine's '40 Under 40' (Recognition)
10.20.2009 BSF Partner Stephen N. Zack Included in Hispanic Business Magazine's Top 100 Influentials of 2009 (Professional Leadership)
10.19.2009 BSF Achieves Dismissal of Claims Against Family Members of Vice President Biden (In the News)
10.19.2009 BSF Moves to Intervene on Behalf of “Obama Hope” Photographer (In the News)
10.15.2009 ABA President-Elect Looks to Improve Civics Education (Professional Leadership)
10.13.2009 Set sights on legal arena - Stephen N. Zack (Professional Leadership)
10.08.2009 Stephen Zack Looking at Developing a Civics Test for Every American (Professional Leadership)
08.18.2009 Lawyer and Author Adds His Objections to Settling the Google Book Lawsuit (In the News)
08.06.2009 Martinez proud of Floridian ABA President-Elect (Professional Leadership)
08.06.2009 Latino, the new president of the lawyers in the country (translation) (Professional Leadership)
08.06.2009 Sotomayor confirmation greeted with supreme pride in South Florida (Professional Leadership)
08.04.2009 BSF Partner Stephen Zack Slated to be First Hispanic American to Lead the American Bar Association (Professional Leadership)
08.04.2009 Boies, Schiller & Flexner Partner Stephen Zack Voted American Bar Association President-Elect (Press Releases)
08.04.2009 Hispanic-American Lawyer Stephen N. Zack Elected President-Elect of the ABA and promises to focus on civic education (Professional Leadership)
08.04.2009 Boies, Schiller & Flexner Partner Stephen Zack Voted American Bar Association President-Elect (Professional Leadership)
08.04.2009 Hispanic-American Lawyer Stephen N. Zack Elected President-Elect of the ABA and promises to focus on civic education (Professional Leadership)
08.04.2009 Miamian to become American Bar Association president-elect (Professional Leadership)
08.04.2009 Zack Announces American Bar Academy; Grads to Get Loaded iPods (Professional Leadership)
08.04.2009 ABA Votes Stephen Zack President-Elect; First Hispanic American in that Role (Professional Leadership)
08.04.2009 American Bar Association (Professional Leadership)
08.04.2009 American Bar Association Elects Miami Lawyer Stephen N. Zack President-Elect (Professional Leadership)
08.03.2009 Boies Schiller lawyer's career helps him break barrier at ABA meeting (Professional Leadership)

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