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Boies, Schiller & Flexner is a firm of trial and appellate lawyers knit together by a few basic principles.

First, we are experts at resolving disputes - any type of dispute. Whether through litigation, arbitration, mediation or negotiation; in state or federal court; in the United States or internationally: we have the ability to lead to successful conclusion any type of dispute in any industry for plaintiffs or defendants.

Second, we treat every case from its inception as though it were to be taken to trial, preparing even before we know every fact with an organic order of proof that adapts to the facts and the developing law, communicates core themes, and which is built on careful, relentless, methodical development of the factual record. Whether we are speaking through a motion to dismiss, a motion for summary judgment, or to a jury, our approach is to make our client's position resonate through a simple, but compelling presentation.

Third, we are pragmatists. If we consider it in our client's interest to recommend settlement, we will do so. If a case should go to trial, we will take it to trial. Everything we do for our clients is intended to advance their interests while helping them evaluate the costs, benefits and risks of litigation. It is here, in particular, where trial preparation leads to results, whether we take the case to trial or obtain a successful result even before filing of the complaint.

We invite you to look on any page of this website to witness the breadth and scope of our commercial litigation practice and the range of our lawyers.