Ruling for Starr International Companies

The government’s treatment of AIG shareholders was unduly harsh, according to a ruling on the merits of a case brought by a team of Boies, Schiller & Flexner lawyers headed by David Boies. The court denied a claim for damages based on a legal ruling that is now on appeal.

Interview with Bill Isaacson

The antitrust expert talks about his historic trial for former college basketball star Ed O’Bannon, how the trial team accommodated a judge who admitted she wasn't much of a sports fan, and the future of college sports after the judge's ruling in the case last August.

Lehman Agrees to Pay Additional $1.28 Billion to Barclays

The payment ends a six-year dispute over the bank’s purchase of the Lehman Brothers brokerage business during which a team of lawyers headed by Jonathan Schiller secured approximately $8 billion of disputed assets on behalf of Barclays.

A $663 Million Judgment for Highway Safety

The judgment was the biggest ever for a whistleblower bringing a case without government intervention. The Firm also won victories for United Therapeutics and Goldman Sachs, as well as decisions in favor of holders of Spanish corporate notes, a co-founder of the company that makes AriZona Iced Tea, and children on Florida's Medicaid program.

Digital Music Trial

The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and other major publications reported on one of the most impressive antitrust trial wins of last year, in which Bill Isaacson and Karen Dunn won a jury verdict from the defense for a major player in the digital music industry

Recent Developments in International Arbitration

Home courts may be the most advantageous jurisdiction for a cross-border investor, but there are increasing signs that international arbitration is growing in importance, writes Wendy Miles QC, the head of the Firm’s International Arbitration practice.

Women Lawyers Receive Awards

Natasha Harrison, Wendy Miles QC, and Fiona Huntriss receive Women in Business Law awards. Karen Dunn and Alanna Rutherford are named Outstanding Women Lawyers. Helen Maher is named to the Top 250 Women in Litigation.

Four SDNY Prosecutors Boost the Firm’s White Collar Capability

When Is an Investment Manager Subject to Self-Employment Tax?

Dev Sen Brings Expertise in Corporate Finance

Transaction for Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority

Honors and Recognition for Members of the Firm

Arrivals and Departures in the Firm's Partnership

What Makes a Boies, Schiller & Flexner Associate?