BSF’s track record in internal and international litigation and arbitration is unparalleled and involves some of the most prominent persons (corporations, individuals) in the world.

BSF Italy’s tenacious litigators share the same wisdom and passion of the firm’s best.

Our Litigation and Arbitration team is highly experienced in dealing with international business disputes and complex multi-jurisdictional arbitrations, but nonetheless, knowing that oftentimes the risks and the timeline connected with disputes do not meet the clients’ best interest, we strive to find practical and inventive settlement solutions, combining our legal wisdom with practical, real-world/business-oriented advice. If disputes cannot be avoided, we fiercely guard our clients’ interests before the relevant court or arbitration panel.

Our Litigation and Arbitration Team is highly experienced and advises on and manages all types of civil and commercial proceedings, at all phases and instances before the Italian courts.

Our experience reaches far beyond the Italian borders, and we are often required to coordinate local counsel in the most relevant legal venues throughout Europe.

The multicultural and international nature of our Litigation and Arbitration Team helps us have a better understanding of the legal and cultural aspects of the dispute and the venue where it needs to be solved.

In addition to defending our clients before arbitration panels and in court, we identify and prevent potential legal risks also designing pre-litigation and litigation strategies.