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Training & Development

In addition to providing associates with immediate experience and responsibility, the firm is committed to providing associates the opportunity to develop their skills in more structured, formal training programs. Every month the firm provides firm-wide training sessions through video conferences and teleconferences, led by our senior attorneys, including the name partners. These programs address specific areas of the litigation process (such as taking or defending a deposition), advocacy in different fora (such as international arbitration) as well as substantive legal specialties (such as antitrust).

The firm’s training committee also supervises our formal mentoring program, designed to benefit the long-term development of each junior associate. The training committee also works to expand our pro bono partner organizations so that younger attorneys have a wide opportunity to manage their own pro bono matters. They take responsibility for each case from beginning to end, with whatever support they might need from more senior attorneys who are available to offer guidance and input.