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Mike Kosnitzky, Charles Miller Honored as Divorce, Trusts & Estates Trailblazers by The National Law Journal

March 22, 2016

Michael Kosnitzky and Charles Fox Miller were named Divorce, Trusts & Estates Trailblazers by the National Law Journal. The two Boies, Schiller & Flexner partners were listed among 40 attorneys who show “a deep passion and perseverance in pursuit of their mission, having achieved remarkable successes along the way” and “continue to make their mark in various aspects of legal work in the areas of family law, trusts & estates.”

Describing his practice, Mr. Kosnitzky said that he views himself “as someone who focuses holistically on wealth preservation and risk assessment and redirecting wealth.” His practice goes beyond trusts and estates to encompass issues such as helping super-high net worth individuals deploy their wealth in ways that have more impact. Wealth redirection is a trend that the very wealthy among the millennial generation are focusing on. “They are still giving money away, but in a smarter way,” he said.

Mr. Miller has built a family law practice at Boies, Schiller & Flexner that is national and even international in scope. “While family law practices are typically local, preparation and hard work translates to every jurisdiction,” he said. International divorce cases, in particular, raise challenging issues for both custody and the apportioning of assets. Miller said that family law is dynamic and changing rapidly as different types of couples marry and have children. “The nature of marriage and family is evolving,” he said.

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