Mark's practice focuses on intellectual property, data privacy, antitrust, and class actions. He has resolved more than 400 cases in litigation, and is the go-to litigator for his technology clients. Companies look to Mark as their trusted advisor and litigator in new areas of the law and emerging technologies. In 2020, Mark acted as an outside policy advisor to one of the U.S. presidential candidates, while also working on the passage of the California Privacy Rights and Enforcement Act. In 2022, Mark was named one of the Lawdragon 500 Leading Litigators in America.

Mark has successfully defended numerous organizations through difficult high-stakes IP disputes, including patent, trade secret, and copyright and trademark litigation. The consumer class actions he resolves often include evolving privacy and regulatory issues, such as in the areas of data breach and misuse, product liability, wiretap acts, consumer data-reporting, and unfair and deceptive acts and practices litigation. He has been one of the firm’s lead attorneys in numerous high stakes business and consumer litigation against Google, involving some of the most important antitrust and technology issues of our time.

Mark has advised organizations on the launch of hundreds of products and services, in addition to handling their regulatory responses with federal and state regulators. Mark has supported a broad spectrum of data-driven products, including the internet of things, autonomous vehicles, smart infrastructure, automation/machine learning, real-time targeting technologies, digital media, shared/gig economies, augmented and virtual reality, gaming, fintech, blockchain technology, aggregation technologies, broadband, and security software and hardware.

Mark was one of the first Fellows of Informational Privacy (FIP) of the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP), and is highly regarded in the tech industry as an important thought leader and writer on data-based technologies. Mark was previously an IT consultant at Arthur Andersen Consulting LLP, implementing database software.

Mark is a proud first-generation immigrant from Taiwan, and still fully fluent in Mandarin Chinese. He has served as outside counsel for some of Asia’s largest international companies.

His recent experience includes:

  • Acting as one of the firms’ co-leads and technical architects in various privacy and antitrust litigation against Alphabet, in Brown v. Google (private mode browsing), Rodriguez v. Google (“Web & App Activity”), and In re Google Publisher Antitrust Litigation
  • Defeated a set of Fair Credit Reporting Act cases against one of US’ largest electric vehicle manufacturers, by successfully compelling individual arbitrations and upholding the motions despite appeal
  • Favorably resolved a large data breach against a virtual calling center services provider, involving the allegedly loss of employee data due to ransomware
  • Defeated the first European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) filed in the United States, against one of the US’ largest online advertising platforms, by dispositive motion
  • Obtained a favorable settlement on behalf of a major blockchain company and its CEO, against one of the world’s largest online video platforms, for videos posted on platform impersonating company and CEO
  • Defeated a putatively large California-based class action involving credit cards receipt and the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act, on motion to dismiss
  • Favorably resolved a national class action alleging the loss of personal health information arising from a data breach, relating to a healthcare scheduling application
  • Defeated by motion for summary judgment a California class action alleging illegal recording of data, carrying potential liability over nine figures in alleged damages
  • Defeated two plaintiff companies seeking over $75 million on dispositive motions, for the alleged failures of crypto-certificates relating to tens of thousands of payment terminals
  • Obtained a “no action” letter from regulators, in a matter involving over six million database records potentially compromised
  • Prevailed on summary judgment in a landmark trademark case on concurrent use, in a dispute between two of the U.S.’s most recognized brands involved in connected cars and car sharing
  • Obtained dismissal and costs against class action claims alleging illegal recording by customer support of retailer, seeking tens of millions of dollars in statutory damages
  • Obtained a district court and then an appellate court win, in case against the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau alleging that a data sourcing company may be a consumer reporting agency
  • Obtained a favorable resolution in a dispute involving the cyberhack of an initial cryptocurrency offering on a social media platform
  • Obtained favorable resolution against over a dozen business claimants, who alleged that they were substantially overcharged for years of targeted advertising services, involving tens of millions of transactions
  • Obtained dismissal in a data misuse class action involving short-term loans data, after successful motion practice, where plaintiffs sought billions of dollars in damages for millions of users, on the basis of the Fair Credit and Reporting Act
  • Defeated class certification in a precedential data misuse class action involving driver and vehicle data, which could have negatively affected the ability to use millions of public records nationwide
  • Obtained a favorable resolution in a competitor patent litigation involving a mechanical patent on behalf of a national retailer, after successful motions to dismiss, where plaintiff sought over $50 million in damages
  • Obtained a favorable resolution in a data breach litigation involving malicious intrusion through a vendor network that affected millions of consumer records
  • Obtained dismissals in a competitor patent litigation involving mechanical patents, partly by collateral IPR proceedings
  • Obtained dismissal with prejudice on motions to dismiss brought by an alleged class of millions of users seeking billions of dollars in statutory damages, in a data misuse class action involving sound-based beacon technology for one of basketball’s favorite teams
  • Prevented litigation in a pre-litigation dispute involving vulnerability in malware protection software relating to millions of application users
  • Obtained a favorable resolution in a data breach class action involving malicious code injection in one of the web’s most popular social influencer websites
  • Obtained a favorable resolution in a data breach class action involving the alleged vulnerability of a popular payment application, relating to the records of over 200,000 consumers
  • Prevented litigation in a pre-litigation dispute involving predictive artificial intelligence technology for use in online marketing data analytics
  • Obtained a dismissal, without filing motions to dismiss, in one of the Southern United States’ largest data breaches allegedly involving over six million vote records
  • Obtained a release without payment, in Telephone Consumer Protection Act litigation involving one of U.S. broadband carriers, where billions of dollars were at issue
  • Obtained a favorable de minimus settlement on behalf of certain directors and officers, in a case alleging investor subscription fraud and misappropriation of trade secrets relating to a hospitality invention


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  • University of California, Berkeley School of Law, J.D.; Jurisprudence Award in Remedies
  • University of California, Berkeley, B.A., summa cum laude; highest honors


  • California

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