BSF leverages our experience as high-stakes trial lawyers to help corporations detect and deter potential liabilities before they materialize. ESG regulation and governmental standards are expanding on a global scale, with investors, regulators and other stakeholders continuing to scrutinize companies, focusing on everything from supply chains to financial disclosures. Our multidisciplinary team is experienced across all emerging ESG practice areas.

Many of our attorneys have led investigations for government agencies, so we have a deep understanding of what regulators and shareholders expect when it comes to corporate, ethical, and ESG compliance. We help corporate clients prepare for government scrutiny of their compliance programs both ahead of and in response to an investigation or regulatory action. Our experience reaches across a range of industries, including oil and gas, textile, airlines, manufacturers, government contractors, financial institutions, and suppliers.

When a company faces a government investigation, shareholder scrutiny, or public controversy, we are well-positioned to assist in performing a root-cause analysis of what went wrong and designing and implementing appropriate and effective remedial measures. Our team is highly experienced in evaluating a company’s corporate and ethical compliance programs, from looking at the role of its chief compliance officer to assessing specific controls that are tailored to the company’s risks. We provide our clients with real, on-the-ground reviews, allowing us to uncover audit deception and frame a compliance plan that is executable and defensible.

ESG legal frameworks and regulation are becoming increasingly more complex, and investors and stakeholders expect companies to manage their regulatory and legal risks proactively. We provide comprehensive reviews that can identify and assess issues before they arise, bringing a rigorous approach and first-hand experience to ensure a corporation’s compliance program withstands government scrutiny and meets shareholder and stakeholder expectations. Through our comprehensive reviews, we help give institutional and individual investors confidence that our clients are practicing corporate responsibility effectively.

Our lawyers have experience supervising monitorships, including for many Fortune 500 companies. We assist clients with government-imposed monitor processes, ensuring that monitorships are as cost-efficient, effective, and successful as possible. We know a successful monitorship often requires difficult conversations with the company, the monitor, and the government. We have a proven track record of advising clients successfully in navigating these conversations because we understand the roles and motivations of all sides.

We also identify and mitigate ESG impact for our clients. We help them integrate ESG factors into their business and investment strategies through processes that include adopting and/or implementing a sustainability model, developing a sustainable corporate governance, assisting on business and human rights due diligence, impact measurement, and financial reporting as well as acquiring a Benefit Corporation (B Corp) qualification.