Boies Schiller Flexner has one of the few national Matrimonial and Family Law practices in the United States. We bring the firm’s successful litigation approach to the full range of issues faced by clients seeking relief in divorce and parenting actions, including custody, relocation, paternity, allegations of domestic violence, distribution of assets and liabilities, alimony, child support, and the recovery of attorney fees. From complex asset divisions to challenging custody battles, we resolve even the most contentious disputes through trial or negotiation.

Through our firm’s offices in states including Florida, New York, and California, and our close relationships with a network of lawyers across the country, we represent clients on family law matters nationwide. Moreover, because of the broad array of general litigators and specialists within the firm, we can address the full variety of issues that may arise in large-scale divorce litigation, such as tort litigation, taxes, corporate agreements and compensation, and intellectual property.  The reach of the firm also allows us to address international financial and custody issues.

We have substantial experience in the complexities of divorce for high-net-worth individuals. The breakups of these marriages often involve extraordinarily complicated financial structures and businesses, and we have a strong track record enforcing our clients’ rights to real estate, private businesses, venture capital, stock options, deferred compensation, and other income. Through relationships forged over many years with other leading lawyers, forensic accountants, pension analysts, and business valuation experts, we have technical knowledge in gathering the financial data needed to bring about a successful resolution of these matters.

Our practice also helps parents resolve custody matters even when they involve challenging issues of relocation, abuse, or child abduction.

In addition to litigating divorce and custody matters, we regularly work with couples to negotiate and draft prenuptial and postnuptial agreements. Our group brings its litigation experience to these agreements, which often face legal challenges, in order to craft documents that maximize the ability to enforce them with a minimum of disruption and expense.

We are committed to staying ahead of the curve as social change transforms the definition of marriage and the notion of family. For instance, we represented the plaintiffs in the landmark case Perry v. Brown, which upheld the constitutional right of same sex couples to marry in California. Our practice will continue to be at the forefront of evolving matrimonial and family law as new legal questions emerge.