Working closely with client investment banks, Fortune 100 corporations, and high-net-worth individuals, we are a team of trial lawyers representing plaintiffs and defendants in high-stakes securities litigation. We are one of few firms ever to have brought securities fraud cases to trial, and our winning record includes cases that have reshaped the law.

In philosophy and in practice, our approach is always to prepare for trial—and prepare to win. Our lawyers are not on the settlement market. While many of our cases do settle, experience has proven that the diligent and deep work of trial preparation tends to yield favorable terms for clients. The assertive strategy we employ has been crucial to successes for plaintiff and defense clients alike.

An invaluable advantage is conveyed by our dual plaintiff/defendant perspective: we can frequently outmaneuver opposing counsel because we are practiced in the methods and tactics available to each side of the table. Given our bilateral insight, and our grasp of the global marketplace, we are also often in the well-leveraged position to explain complex financial instruments (such as mortgage-backed securities) to judges, governing bodies, and the public at large. We have the same advantage when the need evolves to conduct our own appellate work.

Our experience is broad and industry-agnostic, including representations in finance, communications, security, information technology, health care, and media. In some instances our work has shaped securities law with historic implications, as when we successfully argued in U.S. Supreme Court in the landmark Erica P. John Fund v. Halliburton, which upheld a 1988 decision ensuring the continued viability of private securities class actions and took the onus off of plaintiffs to demonstrate price impact to invoke the fraud-on-the-market presumption.