When the government stands on one side of a dispute, it may seem like the odds are always stacked in the government’s favor. Time and again, our lawyers have beaten those odds. In addition to our constitutional and criminal law practices, we have successfully litigated government contract cases, bid protests, Administrative Procedure Act cases, and tort cases against the federal government as well as various state and local governments. 

Our lawyers collectively draw upon decades of experience litigating both against and on behalf of the government and its agencies. Many of our lawyers have served in senior government positions, including at the White House, the U.S. Department of Justice, other federal agencies, and state attorney general offices.  We have both the expertise to advise you on whether and how to challenge government action, and the experience to provide the best litigation team possible if you choose to litigate.

Representative matters that our lawyers have handled include:

  • Successfully representing Palantir USG in challenging a solicitation issued by the U. S. Army in a case that set a landmark precedent relating to the statutory preference for commercial item acquisitions
  • Successfully representing SpaceX in challenging a sole-source award of a long-term rocket launch contract by the U.S. Air Force, resulting in a favorable settlement
  • Serving as ongoing lead counsel for the class of shareholders of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in class action claims challenging the elimination of all shareholder economic and voting rights
  • Serving as ongoing lead counsel for the owners of the Ambassador Bridge, the largest border crossing between the United States and Canada, in their efforts to protect their right to build a new span to the bridge
  • Successfully representing a class of more than two million Medicaid-eligible children in a civil rights lawsuit against the State of Florida and achieving a settlement that will result in improved access to health and dental services for those children
  • Successfully defending a multibillion dollar contract award for commercial resupply services for the International Space Station
  • Arguing and winning summary judgment, including cross-examining an expert witness in winning a $109 million breach of contract judgment against the United States on behalf of a savings and loan
  • Serving as lead counsel for successful bidder on $2.6 billion healthcare-related government contract
  • Serving as lead counsel for business technology company in protest proceedings for $265 million government contract
  • Serving as lead counsel in the overturning of a wrongfully awarded $120 million government contract