There is no legal challenge today that is more far reaching or rapidly developing than cybersecurity and data privacy.  All companies – regardless of industry or size – must collect, store, and transfer electronic data in order to operate effectively in the modern global economy.  While that data presents tremendous opportunities for collaboration and efficiency, it also creates an enticing target for individuals, criminal organizations, and foreign governments.

We help clients stay ahead of the curve by designing strategies to prevent problems from arising, including assessments designed to minimize risks created by data collection and third-party contracts, and by helping our clients mitigate risk through sound policies, procedures, incident response plans, and insurance coverage.  And when privacy and security incidents do occur, we draw upon years of experience in government and private practice, together with our sophisticated understanding of forensics and computer science, to help clients respond efficiently and effectively to regulatory and media inquiries, investigations, and litigation. 

In recent years, data breaches have affected millions of consumers and many of the world’s largest companies.  In response, regulators at the federal and state level, along with their international counterparts, have moved quickly to enact increasingly stringent regulations of cybersecurity and data privacy practices.  Security and privacy incidents now routinely result in multiple and overlapping inquiries from federal and state regulators, law enforcement, the media, and private lawyers contemplating individual and class action civil litigation. We have represented sophisticated clients in proactive and reactive matters, including clients in entertainment, financial services, technology, and the retail sector in both responsive and proactive cybersecurity and privacy work.  

It is increasingly difficult to prepare for – and respond to – incidents because the laws and regulations governing data security and privacy in the U.S. and abroad continue to evolve. Our lawyers have deep experience working for, and representing clients before, the agencies that regulate this space, including the FTC, FCC, SEC, DOJ, FBI, congress, numerous state attorney general offices, and the Intelligence Community.  Given our capabilities and experience, we are uniquely positioned to help clients resolve matters at the cutting edge of privacy and information security.