As litigators and crisis managers, BSF lawyers are uniquely equipped to confront the rapidly evolving legal and commercial issues surrounding COVID-19. Whether it is reviewing contractual rights and obligations, evaluating potential claims or litigation exposure, or tracking the various forms of potential government relief, our lawyers are here to help our clients at this unprecedented time.

In the short term, we stand ready to help our clients assess pressing legal questions or concerns and create effective strategies to address them. In the longer term, we will partner with our clients to protect their legal rights and, should it prove necessary, defend them against any claims that may be asserted.

Our team can also advise on M&A matters, corporate governance, new SEC disclosure requirements for public companies, general disclosure best practices, potential restructuring issues, communications with employees, and contractual matters (including material adverse effect/change, force majeure, frustration of contract, credit drawdown, etc.).

We are here to help, so please use us as a resource.